List of islands of South America

List of islands of South America

This is a list of islands of South America.


*Isla del Cerrito
*Isla Grande (and Isla Chica) de Choele Choel
*Isla de los Estados (Staten Island)
*Isla Huemul (Huemul Island)
*Isla Martín García
*Paraná River delta islands
*Isla de San Martín
*Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego (shared with Chile)
*Isla Trinidad


*Ilhas Cagarras
*Atol Das Rocas
*Fernando de Noronha
*Florianopolis - Capital of Santa Catarina State
*Ilhabela, a.k.a. Ilha de São Sebastião
*Ilha Grande
*Ilha de Marajó
*Vitória - Capital of Espirito Santo State


"See for a more comprehensive list."

*Chiloé Island
*Dawson Island
*Desventuradas Islands
*Diego Ramírez Islands
*Easter Island (Isla de Pascua)
*Juan Fernández Islands
*Ildefonso Islands
*Isla Chañaral
*Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego (shared with Argentina)
*Isla Guafo
*Isla Navarino
*Isla Quiriquina
*Picton, Lennox and Nueva
*Sala y Gómez
*Wellington Island


*San Andres y Providencia
*Isla Gorgona
*Santa Catalina Island
*Barú Island


*Galapagos Islands

Falkland Islands

* Falkland Islands (claimed by both Argentina and UK)
** West Falkland, East Falkland
** Jason Islands

outh Georgia and South Sandwich Islands

* South Georgia
** Bird Island, South Georgia
* South Sandwich Islands


*Isla Margarita
*Isla Tortuga
*Isla Coche
*Isla Cubagua
*Isla La Orchila
*Isla La Blanquilla
*Isla de Aves
*Isla Sola
*Isla de Patos
*Isla San Carlos
*Isla de Toas
*Isla de Zapara
*Islas Los Hermanos
*Islas los Frailes
*Islas Los Testigos
*Archipielagos Los Roques
*Archipielagos Los Monjes
*Archipielagos Las Aves

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