Carl Gustaf Mannerheim (naturalist)

Carl Gustaf Mannerheim (naturalist)

Carl Gustaf Mannerheim (August 10, 1797 LemuOctober 9, 1854 Stockholm) was a Finnish entomologist and governor of Viipuri province.

From 1819 he served as the secretary to the Finnish Minister Secretary of State in Saint Petersburg. In 1833 he was appointed governor of the Vaasa Province and soon after of the Viipuri and Savonlinna County. From 1839 until his death he served as the chief judge of the newly formed Imperial Court of Appeals (“Kayserlichen Hofgerichtes” , hovioikeus) in Viborg.

He was decorated with the Cross of the Order of Saint Stanislaus and was made a knight of the Order of Saint Vladimir. He published many papers on Coleoptera and worked on the collections of the natural history museums of Dorpat, Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

His grandson Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim (1867–1951) became President of Finland.


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