Newspapers of the People's Republic of China

Newspapers of the People's Republic of China

The number of newspapers in mainland China has increased from 42—virtually all Communist Party papers—in 1968 to 382 in 1980 and more than 2,200 today. In 2006, China was the largest market for daily newspapers, with 96.6m copies sold daily, followed by India with 78.7m; Japan with 69.7m; the US with 53.3m; and Germany with 21.5m. China newspaper advertisement revenues increased by 128% over five years (2001-2006).

Between 1950 and 2000, the number of Chinese newspapers increased nearly ten-fold. In 2004, over 400 kinds of daily newspapers were published in China, their circulation reaching 80 million, the highest figure of any country in the world. Targeted at different reader groups, newspaper formats are becoming increasingly diverse. Recent years have seen an important trend of newspaper reorganization. To date, 39 newspaper groups have been established, such as Beijing Daily Newspaper Group, Wenhui Xinmin Associated Newspaper Group and Guangzhou Daily Newspaper Group.

In 2003, trans-regional cooperation among the print media became a new trend. New Beijing Newspaper, invested and run by Guangming Daily Newspaper Group and Nanfang Daily Newspaper Group, was the first to receive formal approval from the Chinese government to publish trans-regionally. Also Orient-Observation Weekly came out in Shanghai, its largest shareholder being the Beijing-based Xinhua News Agency.


In 1987 China had two news agencies, the Xinhua News Agency and the China News Service ("Zhongguo Xinwenshe"). Xinhua was the major source of news and photographs for central and local newspapers. The party's newspapers People's Daily and Enlightenment Daily, and the People's Liberation Army's PLA Daily continued to have the largest circulation.

In addition to these major party and army organs, most professional and scientific organizations published newspapers or journals containing specialized information in fields as varied as astronomy and entomology.

Local morning and evening newspapers concentrating on news and feature stories about local people and events were extremely popular, selling out each day shortly after they arrived at the newsstands. In June 1981 the English-language China Daily began publication. This newspaper, which was provided for foreigners living or traveling in China but which also was read by a large number of Chinese literate in English, offered international news and sports from the major foreign wire services as well as interesting domestic news and feature articles.

Reference News, an official news organ that carried foreign news items in Chinese translation, was available to cadres and their families. In 1980 it enjoyed a circulation of 11 million, but, with the subsequent proliferation of other news sources, its circulation dropped to 4 million in 1985, causing the subscription policy to be changed to make it available to all Chinese. Another source of foreign reporting was Reference Information (Cankao Ziliao), a more restricted Chinese reprint of foreign reportage available only to middle- and upper-level cadres. Both of these publications often included foreign reports critical of China.


National newspapers

*"China Daily" - English language national daily.
*"China Economic Times" - daily
*"China Public Security Daily" - official public security bureau paper. []
*"China Youth Daily" (Zhongguo Qingnian Bao) - state-run, associated with the Communist Youth League of China
*"Economic Information Daily" (Jingji cankao bao)
*"The Economic Observer" - English edition of the privately-owned weekly newspaper []
*"Gongren Ribao" (Workers' Daily)
*"Guangming Daily" - conservative tabloid, close to the Communist Party of China
*"Hua Xia Wen Zhai"
*"Legal Daily" (Fazhi Ribao) - supervised by the Ministry of Justice
*"Nongmin Ribao" (Farmers' Daily) - agricultural and rural issues
*"PLA Daily" (Jiefangjun Bao) - official daily of the People's Liberation Army
*"People's Court Daily"
*"People's Daily" (Renmin Ribao) - voice of the Central People's Government and CPC Central Committee (Communist Party daily)
*"Reference News" - has the largest circulation in mainland China, published by Xinhua News Agency

Regional newspapers


*"Hefei Wanbao"


*"A Liar's Digest" - a Beijing-based underground newspaper in mainland China, which pokes fun at the state-controlled media.
*"Beijing Chenbao"
*"Beijing Daily Messenger" - prints 180,000 to 200,000 — 60,000 for subscribers; of the 120,000 retail copies, at least one-third is unsold.
*"Beijing Entertainment News"
*"Beijing Evening News" - prints 700,000 copies — 450,000 for retail and 250,000 for subscribers. Of the retail copies, 50,000 to 100,000 are unsold.
*"Beijing Globe"
*"Beijing Morning News" - prints 180,000 — 130,000 are for subscribers; of the 50,000 retail copies, at least 20,000 are sold by the distribution center director as waste paper.
*"Beijing News" ("Xin Jing Bao") - newly-launched daily with reformist ambitions
*"Beijing Portal"
*"Beijing Ribao"
*"Beijing Times"
*" [ Beijing Today] *" - the English weekly edition of the Beijing Youth Daily
*" [ Beijing Youth Daily] " - best-selling daily in the capital
*"Freezing Point"
*"Legal Mirror"


*"China High Tech"
*"Chongqing Evening News"
*"Chongqing Globe"
*"Chongqing News" (Chinese, English)
*"Chongqing Today"
*"Qianjiang Evening News"


*"Gansu Daily"


*"Guangdong Public Security News"
*"Guangzhou Daily"
*"Guangzhou Morning Post"
*"Nanfang City News"
*"Nanfang Dushi Bao" ("Southern Metropolitan Daily") - Guangzhou-based paper that takes a questioning line
*"Nanfang Ribao" (Southern Daily) - Communist Party daily, Guangdong province
*"News Guangdong" (English)
*"Shenzhen Economic Daily"
*"Shenzhen Evening News"
*"Shenzhen Daily" - One of China's three English language daily newspapers []
*"Shenzhen Dushi News"
*"Shenzhen Special Zone Daily"
*"Shenzhen Youth News"
*"Southern Weekend"
*"Yangcheng Wanbao"
*"Zhongshan Ribao"


*"Guangxi Daily


*"Fujian Ribao"
*"Common Talk"


*"Guizhou Business Daily"
*"Guizhou Daily"
*"Guizhou Provincial"
*"Huaxi City Daily"


*"Harbin Daily"


*"Hebei Daily" (CPC official paper)
*"Yanzhao Metropolis Daily" (tabloid convering Hebei and sold in 11 cities around Hebei Province)
* Shijiazhuang Daily (CPC offical paper)
* Yanzhao Evening Post (tabloid covering Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei)
* Hebei Youth Daily (tabloid covering Shijiazhuang, operated by Beijing Youth Daily)


*"Central Railway News"
*"Dahe Newspaper"
*"Luoyang Daily"


*"Hubei News"
*"Chutian Metro Daily"
*"Wuhan Evening News"


*"Changsha News" (Chinese, English)
*"Hunan Technology Newspaper"

Inner Mongolia

*"Hulunbeir Daily"


*"Xinhua Daily"
*"Yangtse Evening Post" - Nanjing
*"Yangzhou Ribao"


*"Information Daily"
*"Jiangnan newspaper"
*"Jiangxi Daily"


*"China Jilin"
*"Jilin News"
*"Today New"


*"Dalian Daily"
*"Dalian Evening News"
*"Liaoning Daily"
*"Liaoning Farmer"
*"North Morning News"
*"Peninsula Morning News"
*"Peninsula City News"
*"Shenyang Wanbao"
*"Times Business Daily"


*"Sanqin Daily"
*"Shaanxi Daily"


*"Dazhong Ribao"
*"Jinan Ribao"
*"Jinan Times" - daily
*"Qilu Evening News" - 1.2 million circulation
*"Qingdao Daily"
*"Qingdao Globe"
*"Qingdao News"


*"Jiefang Daily" ("Liberation Daily") - official daily of Shanghai Committee of the Communist Party of China
*"Shanghai Daily" - voice of the Shanghai People's Government
*"Shanghai Morning Post"
*"Shanghai Post"
*"Shanghai Star" - weekly tabloid providing reports on people and issues in Shanghai and neighbouring regions.
*"Shanghai Xinmin Evening News"
*"Oriental Morning Post"
*"Wen Hui Bao", published in Shanghai (not confused with "Wen Wei Po", a newspaper with the same Chinese name published in Hong Kong
*"Wenhui Book Review"
*"Xinmin Evening News" ("Xinmin Wanbao")
*"China Youth Daily" ("Youth Daily")


*"Shanxi Daily"


*"Chengdu Economic Daily"
*"Sichuan Daily"
*"Trust Post"


*"Jin Wanbao"
*"Tianjin Ribao"


*"Lasa Evening News"
*"Tibet Broadcast"
*"Tibet Daily"


*"Xinjiang Daily"
*"Xinjiang Newspaper"


*"Yunnan Daily"
*Spring City Evening Post


*"Zhejiang Daily"
*"Qianjiang Evening News"

pecial administrative regions

Hong Kong

:"See Newspapers of Hong Kong"


:"See Media of Macau"

Business news

*"China Economic Times" (Zhongguo Jingji Shibao) - Chinese financial and economy information.
*"National Business Daily" - publishes eight pages apiece on domestic and international business news.
*"China Business" - Business weekly. Published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
*"China Business News" - First Chinese business daily, aims "to be the most influential, authoritative and respected financial daily newspaper in China.
*"21st Century Business Herald" - Southern Media Group publishes this paper twice weekly.
*"The Economic Observer" - China's leading weekly for economy, politics, and culture. English edition of the privately-owned weekly newspaper []
*"China Stock News" - China's leading newspaper for stock market, provide lots data for access.
*"China Financial News" - published in 1987, official newspaper of all Chinese major banks.
*"Chinese Business View"
*"Xinhua Business Weekly" is an English newsletter published weekly by Xinhua News Agency

Information technology news

*"China Information World" - published for 20 years, as their name, offer all IT information. []
*"PC World" - provides IT resources to enterprise, download, IT blog, and other technical journals. []
*"IT Management" - News centre for IT manager, project manger, CIO etc. []
*"PC Professional China" - computer technical discussion zone newspaper, offers buyer guide too. []
*"China PC News" - covers Chinese IT news, consumer news, PC services, software and hardware []
*"IT Business Information" - Provides mainly software solutions to both buyer and seller. []
*"Programming and Maintenance" - covers topics from programming to PC maintenance. []

ports news

*"Titan Sports Weekly" - China's most successful sports bi-weekly newspaper. It started off as a photocopied football fanzine in the 1990s.
*"Soccer News" - dedicated for Chinese soccer fans, reports national and international soccer news.
*"Nanfang Daily" - China sports events by calendar.
*"Sports China" - cover sports news for every sports events, includes Chinese martial arts.
*"Oriental Sports Daily" - focus on eastern China's football events.

Defunct newspapers

*"Wan guo gong bao" - paper published by Methodist missionaries from 1868-1907

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