List of Chrysler transmissions

List of Chrysler transmissions

Chrysler produces a number of automobile transmissions in-house.


* 1941–1942 M4 Vacamatic/Simplimatic — 4-speed semi-automatic
* 1946–1953 M6 Presto-Matic — 4-speed semi-automatic with Fluid Drive (aka Tip-Toe Shift, Gyro-Matic, Fluid-Matic, Fluidtorque, Gyrotorque)
* 1953–1954 Hy-Drive — 3-speed semi-automatic
* 1954–1961 PowerFlite — 2-speed automatic
* 1956– TorqueFlite — 3-speed automatic
** 1956–1962 A488
** 1962–present A727 (36RH/37RH)
** A518 (46RH/46RE) — 4-speed automatic
** 1994–2003 A618 (47RH/47RE) — 4-speed heavy-duty automatic
** 2003–present A818 (48RE) — 4-speed heavy-duty automatic
** 1960– A904 (30RH)
** A998/A999 (31RH/32RH)
** 1988– A500 (40RH/42RH/40RE/42RE) — 4-speed automatic
* 1978–1983 A404 — 3-speed front-wheel drive transaxle
** 1981–2001 A413
** 1981–1987 A470
** 1987–2000 A670
* 1989–present Ultradrive
** 1989–present A604 (41TE/41AE) — 4-speed automatic
** 1993–present A606 (42LE/42RLE) — 4-speed automatic
** 2007–present 40TES/41TES — 4-speed automatic
** 2007–present 62TE — 6-speed automatic
* 1999–present 45RFE — 4-speed automatic
** 545RFE — 5-speed automatic
* 2007–present 68RFE — 6-speed longitudinal heavy-duty automatic

Model number conventions

Newer Chrysler automatic transmissions follow standard model number conventions. Below are the available values and some example transmission models:


* Chrysler A525 transmission — 5-speed manual transaxle
* Chrysler A520 transmission — 5-speed manual transaxle
* Chrysler A555 transmission — 5-speed manual transaxle assembled by Getrag on a Chrysler design
* A568 — 5-speed manual transaxle assembled by Getrag on a Chrysler design
* NSG370 — 6-speed overdrive manual transmission
* New Venture Gear — 5-speed manual transaxle for the Dodge Neon
* Chrysler A833 — 4-speed manual manufactured by New Process Gear used through the 60's and 70's

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