Hellfire League of Injustice

Hellfire League of Injustice


team_name=Hellfire League of Injustice
publisher=Amalgam Comics
debut= (fake), "JLX Unleashed" #1 (June 1997, real)
creators=Christopher Priest
Oscar Jiminez
Hanibal RodriguezPossibly all deceased
members=Savage Shaw
Maxwell Hodge
Dark Firebird
Mistress Maxima
subcat=Amalgam Comics
The Hellfire League of Injustice are an Amalgam Comics supervillain team. They are a combination of DC Comics' Injustice League and Marvel Comics' Helfire Club, and made their true debut in "JLX Unleashed" #1 (1997), though their first appearance in the Amalgam Comics universe is still unknown.


The origins of the Hellfire League of Injustice are shrouded in mystery, due to their only true appearance being at the beginning of "JLX Unleashed" #1. It is known that Dark Firebird joined the team of supervillains at the end of the Armageddon Agenda storyline, in which Hellfire League member Maxwell Hodge released Firebird's Dark Firebird persona from inside her. The new villain joined with the Hellfire League of Injustice.

Curiously enough, the Hellfire League of Injustice seemed to be an anti-metamutant group, even though at least one of their members (Dark Firebird) was a metamutant. The group's most infamous action was the summoning of the demon known as Fin Fang Flame, who they summoned to destroy all metamutants. Fin Fang Flame started by destroying all four of the Hellfire League, before moving on to attack the Judgment League Avengers and JLX.

Though the entire Hellfire League of Injustice was presumed dead after Fin Fang Flame attacked, they may not have been truly killed after all. The 'true fate' of the Hellfire League was discovered in "JLX Unleashed" #2, though no more information was released on what this 'true fate' was.

Other information

The clear leader of the Hellfire League was Sebastian Shaw (a mixture between Vandal Savage and Sebastian Shaw), who may have been worshipping or working with a powerful demon known only as Mephiston, who gave him the power to summon Fin Fang Flame. Savage Shaw also seemed to have a personal vendetta against the JLX specifically, from previous encounters with the heroic team. The Hellfire League's base was in a secluded shrine located somewhere in Senegal.


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