Student Price Card

Student Price Card

The Student Price Card, also known as SPC Card, is a student loyalty discount program in Canada, offering discounts and savings on items such as fashion, food, shoes, and travel.

The program's membership generally targets young high school and college students throughout Canada. The program has a reported 525,000 members and 120 participating retail chains.

The SPC card is a fee-based loyalty program, costing $8.50 (Canadian) plus tax for 12 months, with the card valid for a period between August 1st and July 31st. The kit contains an SPC Card and a list of retailers accepting the card, as well the the discount given (The list of retailers is also printed on the back of the card).SPC also has a VIP version of the card. It retains all the features of a normal SPC Card, but can be used even by those who are not students. The VIP card is used solely for promotional work and therefore is not sold in stores anywhere.

There is also an SPC MasterCard available from Bank of Montreal and Mosaik. The benefits of the Mastercard version is that as long as the card is valid, one doesn't need to buy a new SPC every year.

The non-VIP SPC Card's packaging, card, and included brochure in the kit is always printed with a word indicating where the card was issued. For example, a student who purchases a card in British Columbia, in western Canada, will have the word "West" printed on all materials. The included brochure and retailer list will be tailored to be relevant to the area that the card is bought. A full list of all retailers across Canada who accept the card is listed on the SPC website.

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