Fukaya, Saitama

Fukaya, Saitama

Japanese city
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nihongo|Fukaya|深谷市|Fukaya-shi is a city located in the north of Saitama, Japan. In the Edo era, it was an inn-town on the Nakasendō (中山道), and grew during this period. It is in the prefecture's leading agricultural area, and claim's to be the biggest producer of leeks, (a type of scallion) in Japan. "Fukaya negi" are famous. Shibusawa Eiichi, the founder of the first national bank in Japan, was born here. Akagi Nyugyo is a large ice cream company based in Fukaya. They make the famous Gari-Gari-kun ice-pop that tastes like soda, or other flavors. The Kinkado department store is a large shopping center in downtown Fukaya. Takinomiya Jinja is a large Shinto shrine in Fukaya.

As of 2006, the city has an estimated population of 147,915 and a population density of 1075 persons per km². The total area is 137.58 km².

The city was founded on January 1, 1955.


*Fukaya Station on the Takasaki Line (East Japan Railway Company)
*National Highway Route 17

ister Cities

Fukaya has two Sister Cities:
* Dalby, in Queensland, Australia
* Fremont, in California, USA" [http://www.cgjsf.org/pdf/Local_Government.pdf Consolidation of Local Governments in Japan and Effects on Sister City Relationships] ," "Consulate General of Japan, San Francisco"]


* Fukaya Board of Education

Elementary schools

* Fukaya ES (市立深谷小学校)
* Fukaya West ES (市立深谷西小学校)
* Kamishiba East ES (市立上柴東小学校)
* Kamishiba West ES (市立上柴西小学校)
* Sakuragaoka ES (市立桜ヶ丘小学校)
* Fujisawa ES (市立藤沢小学校)
* Hatara ES (市立幡羅小学校)
* Tokiwa ES (市立常盤小学校)
* Oyori ES (市立大寄小学校)
* Aketo ES (市立明戸小学校)
* Toyosato ES (市立豊里小学校)
* Yatsumoto ES (市立八基小学校)
* Nanbu ES (市立岡部小学校)
* Nanbu West ES (市立岡部西小学校)
* Hanawaza ES (市立榛沢小学校)
* Honjo ES (市立本郷小学校)
* Hanazono ES (市立花園小学校)
* Kawamoto North ES (市立川本北小学校)
* Kawamoto South ES (市立川本南小学校)

Junior high schools

* Fukaya JHS (市立深谷中学校)
* Kamishiba JHS (市立上柴中学校)
* Fujisawa JHS (市立藤沢中学校)
* Hatara JHS (市立幡羅中学校)
* Aketo JHS (市立明戸中学校)
* Toyosato JHS (市立豊里中学校)
* Nanbu JHS (市立岡部中学校)
* Hanazono JHS (市立花園中学校)
* Kawamoto JHS (市立川本中学校)
* Minami JHS (市立南中学校)

enior high schools

* Fukaya SHS (埼玉県立深谷高等学校)
* Fukaya Commercial SHS (埼玉県立深谷商業高等学校)
* Fukaya Daiichi SHS (埼玉県立深谷第一高等学校)
* Kawamoto SHS (埼玉県立川本高等学校)
* Shouchi Fukaya SHS (私立正智深谷高等学校)
* Tokyo Seitoku University Fukaya SHS (私立東京成徳大学深谷高等学校)


* Saitama Industrial University (埼玉工業大学)

Famous people

* Golgo Matsumoto ("tarento", TIM member, originally from Hanazono-cho, aka Masahiko Matsumoto)
* Shibusawa Eiichi (industrialist)
* Yasuo Takei (founder of Takefuji)
* Toriba Hiromichi (founder of Doutor Coffee)
* Mimura (actress)


External links

* [http://www.city.fukaya.saitama.jp/ Official Fukaya website] ja icon
* [http://www12.ocn.ne.jp/~fukayarc/ FukayaRedCrossHospital] ja icon
* [http://www.nicer.go.jp/index_en.html
* [http://www.education.fukaya.saitama.jp/

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