Ichinoseki, Iwate

Ichinoseki, Iwate

Infobox City Japan
Name= Ichinoseki
JapaneseName= 一関市

Region= Tōhoku
Prefecture= Iwate Prefecture
PopDate= September 1, 2006
LatitudeDegrees= 38
LatitudeMinutes= 55
LongtitudeDegrees= 141
LongtitudeMinutes= 8
CityHallAddress=7-2 Takeyama-chō, Ichinoseki-shi, Iwate-ken
CityHallLink= [http://www.city.ichinoseki.iwate.jp/ City of Ichinoseki]
nihongo|Ichinoseki|一関市|Ichinoseki-shi is a city located towards the south of Iwate Prefecture, Japan and situated on the Iwai River. After Morioka and Ōshū, it is the third largest city in the prefecture.


The current city of Ichinoseki became larger after 7 municipalities merged on September 20, 2005, and after the merger, the city is now equivalent to former Iwai District, and it is connected to Miyagi and Akita Prefectures. The population is nearly 125,000.

Due to factories belonging to large Japanese companies such as Sony and NEC being located in the industrial parkland zone of Ichinoseki, the city has a sizable population of Brazilian workers. The agricultural makeup of the city outside the centre is populated mostly by farmers, leading to an influx of Chinese and Filipino women as wives. As a result, the City of Ichinoseki has a varied ethnic makeup, although still a very small minority.

Municipal Timeline

*April 1, 1948-The city of Ichinoseki (1st generation) was founded by merging with 2 towns and 2 villages.
*January 1, 1955-The city of Ichinoseki (1st generation) merged with the villages of Genbi, Hagisho, Maikawa, and Yasakae to form the new city of Ichinoseki (2nd generation)
*September 1, 1956-Due to the city limit changes, the city absorbed parts of the town Hiraizumi.
*May 1, 1964-Due to the city limit changes, the city absorbed parts of the town Hiraizumi for the second time.
*September 20, 2005, the towns of Daito, Higashiyama, and Senmaya, and the villages of Kawasaki and Murone (all from Higashiiwai District) and the town of Hanaizumi from Nishiiwai District merged with the former city of Ichinoseki (2nd generation) in a major creation of the new city (3rd generation). This creation approximately doubled the old city's population and nearly tripled its size.

ister Cities/Friendship Cities

Within Japan

*Miharu (Tamura District, Fukushima Prefecture)
**Signed between the former city of Ichinoseki on August 8, 1987
*Kesennuma (Miyagi Prefecture)
**Signed between the former cities of Ichinoseki and Kesennuma on May 1, 1997
**Signed between the former city of Kesennuma and former town of Murone on May 8, 2003
*Tanabe (Wakayama Prefecture)
**Signed between the former village of Murone and the town of Hongu on August 8, 1987
*Yoshikawa (Saitama Prefecture)
**Signed by the former village of Murone on April 15, 1997



pecial Schools

* [http://www2.iwate-ed.jp/ich-y/ Ichinoseki Yogo School (岩手県立一関養護学校)]
* [http://www2.iwate-ed.jp/ich-r/ Ichinoseki School for the Deaf(岩手県立一関聾学校)]

Elementary School

Junior High School

High School

*Ichinoseki Gakuin High School (一関学院高等学校)
*Ichinoseki Shuko High School (一関修紅高等学校) (also has a preschool and a university)
*Ichinoseki No. 1 High School (岩手県立一関第一高等学校)
*Ichinoseki No. 2 High School (岩手県立一関第二高等学校)
*Ichinoseki Tech High School (岩手県立一関工業高等学校)
*Hanaizumi High School (岩手県立花泉高等学校)
*Daito High School (岩手県立大東高等学校)
*Senmaya High School (岩手県立千厩高等学校)


* Ichinoseki National College of Technology (一関工業高等専門学校)

Junior College

* Shuko Junior College (修紅短期大学)


Ichinoseki is located on the JR East Tōhoku Shinkansen connecting Ichinoseki with Tokyo. It is also located on the Tōhoku Main Line, which connects Ichinoseki and the prefecture's capital, Morioka.

External links

* [http://www.city.ichinoseki.iwate.jp/ Ichinoseki official website]

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