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Three Angels Broadcasting Network, or 3ABN for short, is a nonprofit, 24-hour television and radio networks which primarily focuses on Christian and health-oriented programming. It is an independently owned and operated (not funded by any church or denominational group) ministry, however it supports the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


The network's sign-on occurred on November 23, 1986, after 2 years of planning and construction of a satellite uplink site in Thompsonville, Illinois. Initially focusing on satellite broadcasting for the United States, 3ABN has since taken on several affiliates, which broadcast directly into television markets on VHF and UHF stations and over 1400 cable TV systems worldwide.

3ABN is the second-largest owner of Low Power TV stations (next to Trinity Broadcasting Network) in the U.S. In 2006 their broadcast outlets in the U.S. numbered over 100 stations, and they currently have several more construction permits. The network also has a large production center in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, and has produced a wide variety of Russian language television and radio programming since 1993. The programs are aired throughout the Russian-speaking countries on approximately 150 television stations and several satellite channels.

In 1999 and 2000 3ABN expanded into radio and satellite television in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Currently 3ABN is distributed around the world via 11 satellites, an IPTV service (www.moiptv.net), and through streaming video and audio on the Internet. The 3ABN Radio Network is growing rapidly in affiliates due to the FCC allowing for low power FM stations in the United States.

On August 24, 2003, 3ABN launched a Spanish and Portuguese Television Network called 3ABN Latino.

The ministry was co-founded by Danny Shelton, 54, with his wife at the time, Linda Shelton. Danny Shelton was also president of the network throughout most of its existence, and hosts the network's flagship program, 3ABN Today.

In April 2007 it was announced that Amazing Facts and 3ABN will be merging. [http://3abn.org/amazingfacts_3abn.cfm] [ [http://www.amazingfacts.org/news/read_news.asp?ID=141 Latest Ministry News ] ] However, on August 2007, after several months of review, Amazing Facts announced they will not merge with 3ABN due to issues with structural dynamics.

Another change came in August 2007, Jim Gilley was selected as the new president of 3ABN. Gilley is described as a man with "vast experience in administration and in both personal and public evangelism." [ [http://www.3abn.org/announcements.cfm 3ABN: Christian Television - Three Angels Broadcasting Network - www.3abn.org ] ]

On January 1, 2009, 3ABN will be launching a new 24/7 Kids Christian Television Network called, SonBeam Television Channel. It will be on MOiPTV and the Internet first. Later on Satellite.

Controversies and criticism

Linda Shelton

In 2004 Linda Shelton was suddenly removed from 3ABN, programming, the website, the board, and her CDs were pulled from the inventory. There quickly grew a cloud of speculation around the divorce of founders Danny and Linda Shelton. Over the past few years, rumours spread that Linda was unfaithful in her marriage to Danny, and as a result was removed from the ministry and divorced. Linda has started a website asserting that she was not the unfaithful one and is requesting proof be provided showing her guilt or that her name be cleared. [ [http://lindashelton.org/questions.html Linda Shelton's official website ] ] [ [http://www.atoday.com/magazine/2004/05/troubled-3abn-fires-linda-shelton Troubled 3ABN Fires Linda Shelton | Adventist Today ] ]

Criticism from Save3ABN dot org

Since Danny and Linda Shelton's divorce in June 2004, a website, Save3ABN dot org, came forward alleging various concerns and has drawn enough attention that a lawsuit has been filed. The site, run by Gailon Joy and Bob Pickle, allege infidelity, mishandling of funds, and sexual indiscretions. (see also [http://www.atoday.com/news/atnewsbreak/2007/02/12] .) After 3ABN asked a bankruptcy trustee to sell the domain name to the ministry, other domain names appeared, such as Save-3ABN dot com, with the same content as the original site.


Although 3ABN is a self supporting ministry and is not owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the controversy from the Save3ABN dot org and surrounding the divorce has gained international attention of the world church leadership and has caused the President as well the Chairman of the 3ABN board to address the issues. As a result of all the attention within the church, the leadership are conflicted and perhaps confused with how to deal with this since they have no authority in the matter. Conflicting statements of how 3ABN will be treated have come forward from top officials in the Seventh-day Adventist denomination. On June 1, 2007, a report came from the South Pacific Division Administrators' Council and Institute of Public Evangelism Committee which contained the following statement:

cquote|The General Conference has suspended 3ABN’s [Three Angels Broadcasting Network] Supportive Ministry status until some well-known issues in more than one area are sorted out. Basically, a lot of smoke doesn’t necessarily presume a fire, but it definitely needs investigation and caution.

When world church leadership was asked for additional information, no denials or mistakes were given about the original report, yet a statement saying: “There has been no change or review of the status of 3ABN as a supporting ministry by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists,”cite web
title=Update on 3ABN’s Supporting Ministry Status With General Conference: GC Issues a Formal Statement and Additional Information from the South Pacific Division
] was issued.

Removal from Sky Angel

3ABN had been removed from carriage on the Dominion Sky Angel DBS system which was available on the Dish Network platform. Although Sky Angel indicated it was due to technical limitations, 3ABN had a press release that the technical issue was resolved within two hours, however they were kept off for some time, for other, unknown reasons. After a successful write-in campaign, 3ABN is now available on Dish Network.

Responses to criticism


Viewing and Listening Sources


3ABN TV is now available on Dish Network.


3ABN TV and Radio are available in audio and video streams online from the [http://www.3abn.org/tv_media.cfm 3ABN website] , as well as a high bandwidth service called [http://www.mopcweb.com MOPCWEB]


3ABN TV and radio are available on the following satellites covering all inhabited continents. Satellite TV reception equipment is available directly from 3ABN.





Satellite dish and receiver systems that are capable of receiving 3ABN are available from a number of commercial sources as well as 3ABN.

UHF and VHF Broadcast Stations

3ABN TV is available from the following list of [http://www.3abntv.org/tv_affiliates_uhf_vhf.cfm 3ABN affiliate] broadcast stations.

Cable TV

3ABN TV is available from the following list of [http://www.3abn.org/tv_affiliates.cfm cable stations] .

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External links

* [http://www.3abn.org/ Official website]
* [http://www.3abnlatino.org/ 3ABN Latino]
* [http://www.3abntv.org/ 3ABN TV]
* [http://www.3abnradio.org/ 3ABN Radio]
* [http://lindashelton.org/ Linda Shelton.org]
* [http://www.save-3abn.com/ Save-3ABN.com]

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