Figure-four (grappling hold)

Figure-four (grappling hold)

A figure-four is a term used to describe particular grappling holds. The name "figure-four" comes from the positioning of the limbs involved in the hold, which resemble a number "4". A keylock or toe hold can be referred to as a nyfigure-four hold, when it involves a figure-four formation with the legs or arms. If the figure-four involves grabbing the wrists with both hands, it is sometimes called a double wrist lock. A figure-four hold done with the legs around the neck and (usually) arm of an opponent is often called a triangle choke, and is a common submission in mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu jitsu. Prior to this, this form was in Japanese martial arts, where it is known as Sankaku-Jime.

In amateur wrestling, a figure-four is permitted only around a leg or the opponents head. It is illegal around the body, since it would cause an opponent to lose his breath and thus would constitute a submission hold. In collegiate wrestling and scholastic wrestling, anything like a figure-four lock is permitted around parts of the body so long as the user keeps his ankle below his opposite knee.

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* [ The Double Wrist Lock] . Shows extensive use of the figure-four hold.

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