List of universities and colleges in Ethiopia

List of universities and colleges in Ethiopia

A number of public and private universities and colleges exist in Ethiopia. They include the following.


*Abbiyi Addi College of Teacher Education
*Adama University
*Addis Ababa Commercial College
*Addis Ababa Mulu Wongel Believers' Church Theological College
*Addis Ababa University
*Addis College
*Admas College
*Adoa College of Teacher Education
*Africa Beza College
*Africa University College
*Alage College
*Alem Business College
*Alfa College of Distance Education (Harar)
*Ambo College of Agriculture
*Arba Minch University
*Arte Ethiopia College
*Atlanta College
*Awassa College of Teacher Education
*Aweliya college
*Axum University
*Awasa Adventist College (Awasa)


*Bahir Dar University []
*Bale International University
*Betezta College of Medical Science
*Beza College
*admas college hargeisa main compus
*amoud university


*Central Health College
*Century University College
*CPU College
*Computer Science and Business College []
*Commercial College of Addis Ababa


*Dandii Boruu University College []
*Debub University
*Debre Berhan University
*Debre Markos University
*Defence University College
*Dessie-Kombolcha University
*Dilla University
*Dire Dawa University
*AME Information Technology College


*Eprom Technology College
*Ethiopian Civil Service College
*Ethiopian Management Institute (EMI) []
*Ethiopian University College
*Evangelical Theological College []


*Gondar University
*Gondar College of Medical Sciences
*Gondar College of Teacher Education
*Grace College of Business and Computer Science
*Graduate School of Telecommunications & Information Technology []


*Hashenge College
*Haramaya University
*Hawasa University
*HiLCoE School of computer science and technology
*Hope University College
*Horn of Africa College
*HZ college
*Gambella Teachers and Health Science College


*Infonet College
*International Leadership Institute
*Hargeisa university


*Jijiga University
*Jimma University


*Kisama Africa University College
*Kotoebe Teachers' Education College/Kotebe College of Teacher Education
*Kunuz College


*Medawolabu University College est.2006
*Medico Health College
*Mekelle Institute of Technology(
*Mekelle College of Teacher Education
*Mekelle Nursing School
*Mekelle University
*Meserete Kristos College []
*Michew Technic College
*Microlink College
*Mizan Teferi University


*National College
*Nazareth College of Technical Teachers (NCTTE)
*Nekempt (Wollega) University
*New Abyssinia College
*New Generation College
*New Millennium College
*Nile College (Mekelle)
*Nur Selam College


*Omega Health College
*Orbit IT College
*Golis univsity college


*Pan African College
*People to People College (Harar)
*PESC Information Systems College (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
*Poly Institute of Technology (Mekelle)


*Queens College (Addis Ababa, no affiliation with the US Queens College as previously stated)


*Rift Valley University College
*Royal College/Ethiopia

*Saint Mary's University College
*Samara University
*School of Fine Arts & Design
*School of Medicine Laboratory Technology
*Selam Nursing College
*Semera Health College
*Sheba Info Tech & Business College
*Soddo University
*SOFTNET Computer Science & Business College


*Theological College of the Holy Trinity
*Tigrai College
*Tropical College of Medicine


*Unity University College
*Urban Planning College (Ecole)


* Washera College
*Wondo Genet College of Forestry
* Wollega University College


*Zhega Business or city university College

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