Engler system

Engler system

One of the prime systems of plant taxonomy, the Engler system was devised by Adolf Engler.

According to Engler, "Syllabus der Pflanzenfamilien" (1924) the main groups of plants are:

* I. divisio "Schizophyta"
* II. divisio "Phytosarcodina"
* III. divisio "Flagellatae"
* IV. divisio "Dinoflagellatae"
* V. divisio "Bacillariophyta"
* VI. divisio "Conjugatae"
* VII. divisio "Chlorophyceae"
* VIII. divisio "Charophyta"
* IX. divisio "Phaeophyceae"
* X. divisio "Rhodophyceae"
* XI. divisio "Eumycetes"
* XII. divisio "Embryophyta asiphonogama"
*:1 subdivisio "Bryophyta"
*:2 subdivisio "Pteridophyta"
* XIII. divisio "Embryophyta siphonogama"
*:1 subdivisio "Gymnospermae"
*:2 subdivisio "Angiospermae"
*::1 classis "Monocotyledoneae"
*::2 classis "Dicotyledoneae"

In modern classifications, Engler's divisions I - XI are not considered plants but are classified in other groups (although some botanists do accept Engler's divisions VII and VIII, the "green algae", as plants).

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