Harem (disambiguation)

Harem (disambiguation)

May have the following possible meanings:

* Harem, the "ḥarîm" حريم (cf. "ḥaram") is the part of the household forbidden to male strangers
* Imperial Harem (Ottoman), in the Seraglio palace of Topkapi, was a major part of the Ottoman Sultan's court
* polygyny
** Harem in zoology, animal polygyny

in popular culture
* "Harem" (film), a 1985 film starring Nastassja Kinski and Ben Kingsley
* "Harem" (album), a 2003 album by singer Sarah Brightman
** "Harem" (song), the title song from the Sarah Brightman album
** "The Harem Tour CD", the CD from Sarah Brightman's tour
** "", the live Sarah Brightman tour CD
* Harem (genre), an anime subgenre

in geography
* Harem, Syria a city in Syria
* Harem (Istanbul neighbourhood), a neighbourhood in Istanbul, Turkey

* Harem (also Arem), one of the forefathers of the Jews in Babylonian exile in the Biblical Book of Nehemiah (7:35)

ee also

* HAREM, a Portuguese named entity recognition systems evaluation contest, held in 2005 and 2006

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