Guard Jaeger Regiment

Guard Jaeger Regiment

Infobox Military Unit
unit_name= Kaartin Jääkärirykmentti

caption=Flag of the Guard Jaeger Regiment
type= Foot Guards
size=2 battalions ["Varusmiehiä kouluttavat joukko-osastot 2008". "Reserviläinen" 1/2008, p.38. ISSN 0557-8477 fi]
role= Guard Battalion - Urban Warfare/Public Duties
Uusimaa Jaeger Battalion - Urban Warfare
Special Forces and SWAT duties
command_structure= Southern Finland Military Province
current_commander= Colonel Hannu Liimatta
garrison= Santahamina
ceremonial_chief=Suomen tasavallan presidentti
ceremonial_chief_label= Commander-in-Chief
identification_symbol_label=Tactical Recognition Flash
anniversaries= 16 August
The Guard Jaeger Regiment ( _fi. Kaartin Jääkärirykmentti, _sv. Gardesjägarregementet) is a Finnish Army special forces unit located in Santahamina, an island suburb of Helsinki. The regiment trains Guard jaegers for fighting in an urban environment. The primary function of war-time units formed from the reservists trained by the regiment would be the defence of the capital Helsinki.


The regiment consists of
*Guard Battalion ("Kaartin pataljoona"):* 2nd Jaeger company ("2. jääkärikomppania"):* Military Police company ("Sotilaspoliisikomppania"):* Transportation company ("Kuljetuskomppania")
*Uusimaa Jaeger Battalion ("Uudenmaan Jääkäripataljoona"):* 1st Jaeger company ("1. jääkärikomppania"):* Support weapons company ("Tukikomppania"):* 3rd Jaeger company ("3. jääkärikomppania")
*Non-commissioned officer school ("Aliupseerikoulu")
*Guard Band ("Kaartin Soittokunta")
*Logistics Center ("Huoltokeskus")

The primary function of the regiment is to train war-time units from the conscripts serving in the regiment, specializing in the production of FIBUA-trained units. In addition, the regiment is the ceremonial unit of the Finnish Defence Forces, responsible for the Guard of Honour of the President of Finland. The Guard Band is similarly the representative band of the Defence Forces. As the largest unit located in the Garrison of Helsinki, the regiment is responsible for almost all the supplies of the troops and headquarters located in the capital region.

The conscripts of the regiment arrive mostly from the capital region and surrounding region of Uusimaa. In addition, the regiment is one of the most usual placements for the expatriate Finns and recently naturalized immigrants. The conscripts serving in special duties at the Defence Staff are also formally part of the regiment.


The Guard Jaeger Regiment follow the traditions of historical units that include the 3rd Finnish Sharpshooter battalion ("Tarkk'ampujapataljoona"), which had from the year 1830 Young Guard and from the year 1878 onwards Old Guard status in the Imperial Russian Army, the Jaegers of the Finnish Civil War and the 2nd Jaeger Battalion from the Second World War.


* [ Guard Jaeger Regiment's official homepage] fi
* [ Recruit's Guide to Guard Jaeger Regiment] ] en


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