Lyon Clerk and Keeper of the Records

Lyon Clerk and Keeper of the Records

Lyon Clerk and Keeper of the Records is an heraldic office in Scotland. The holder of this office is appointed by the Crown, and like the Lord Lyon King of Arms receives an annual salary. Lyon Clerk's duties are to conduct and assist with the preliminary business of application for a grant of armorial bearings. This includes scrutiny of documents supporting the application. As Keeper of the Records the duties consist of allowing inspection of the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland and other records, and issuing certified extracts when required. Until 1867 there was a Lyon Clerk Depute, and in 1986 Elizabeth Ann Roads became the first woman appointed to the office of Lyon Clerk and Keeper of the Records.

Holders of the office from 1898

*c1895 J. W. Mitchell [LondonGazette|city=e|issue=10730|startpage=1579|date=26 November 1895|accessdate=2007-12-20]
*1898-1929 Francis Grant ["The Coat of Arms". "Death of Sir Francis Grant". Vol II, No 14 (April 1953), 234.]
*1929-1966 Harold Lawson
*1966-1981 Malcolm Innes of Edingight [LondonGazette|issue=44081|startpage=8951|date=12 August 1966|accessdate=2007-12-20]
*1981-1986 Don Pottinger [Ilay Campbell. "Three Bookplates by Don Pottinger". The Double Tressure. 2002, No 25, 72-6.]
*1986-Present Elizabeth Roads [LondonGazette|city=e|issue=21892|startpage=247|date=21 February 1986|accessdate=2007-12-20] [ [ Website] of the Heraldry Society of Scotland.]


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