name = Brookesia
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Reptilia
ordo = Squamata
familia = Chamaeleonidae
genus = "Brookesia"
genus_authority = Gray, 1864

"Brookesia" is a genus of chameleons found in Madagascar, considered to be the world's smallest chameleons, known collectively as Leaf Chameleons. However, there is one species of chameleon, unique to Malawi's Mount Mulanje that is around 1-1.5 cm long. Most species in the genus were only identified to science within the last three decades and do not even have common names. They inhabit very small ranges in difficult to access areas, and due to their small size and secretive nature, they have been relatively poorly studied compared to their larger relatives.

There are currently 26 recognized species in the genus.


* Mt. Amber Pygmy Leaf Chameleon, "Brookesia ambreensis"
* "Brookesia antakarana"
* "Brookesia bekolosy"
* Blanc's Leaf Chameleon. "Brookesia betschi"
* "Brookesia bonsi"
* Brygoo's Chameleon, "Brookesia brygooi"
* Spiny Leaf Chameleon, "Brookesia decaryi"
* "Brookesia dentata"
* Northern Leaf Chameleon, "Brookesia ebenaui"
* "Brookesia exarmata"
* "Brookesia griveaudi"
* Naturelle Leaf Chameleon, "Brookesia karchei"
* Fito Leaf Chameleon, "Brookesia lambertoni"
* "Brookesia lineata"
* "Brookesia lolontany"
* Minute Leaf Chameleon, "Brookesia minima"
* Elongate Leaf Chameleon, "Brookesia nasus"
** "Brookesia nasus nasus"
** "Brookesia nasus pauliani"
* Antsingy Leaf Chameleon, "Brookesia perarmata"
* Peyrieras' Leaf Chameleon, "Brookesia peyrierasi"
* Plated Leaf Chameleon, "Brookesia stumpffi"
* Brown Leaf Chameleon, "Brookesia superciliaris"
* Perinet Leaf Chameleon, "Brookesia therezieni"
* Domergue's Leaf Chameleon, "Brookesia thieli"
* "Brookesia tuberculata"
* Iaraka River Leaf Chameleon, "Brookesia vadoni"
* Raxworthy's Leaf Chameleon, "Brookesia valerieae"


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