Algol (disambiguation)

Algol (disambiguation)

Algol may mean:

* Algol, a star system
* Algol variable, a class of eclipsing binary stars, named after its most famous example
* ALGOL, a programming language
* "Algol (fanzine)" (later "Starship") a science fiction fanzine edited by Andrew I. Porter
* Algol (film), a 1920 science fiction film directed by Hans Werckmeister
* Algol (Phantasy Star), a fictional planetary system in the "Phantasy Star" computer role-playing game
* Algol, a Great Sword obtained by defeating the Hyper Notorious Monster Cerberus in Mount Zhayolm, in the MMORPG Final Fantasy XI.
* Algol (Soulcalibur), a character from the Soul series of fighting games

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