Workers' Party (France)

Workers' Party (France)

The Workers' Party (French: "Parti des Travailleurs", PT) was a French socialist party. It was formed by the Trotskyist Internationalist Communist Party ("PCI") led by Pierre Boussel, better known under his pseudonym Pierre Lambert, together with a number of other socialists with whom they worked in the Force Ouvrière union confederation.

Within the "PT" the former "PCI" was known as the Internationalist Communist Current. In reality, despite including communist, socialist and anarcho-syndicalist tendenciesm the "PT" is generally regarded as little more than a front for the Trotskyist "PCI".

Its national secretary is Daniel Gluckstein (pseudonym: Seldjouk), who got less than 0.5% in the 2002 French presidential election.

Gérard Schivardi, candidate in the 2007 presidential elections under the PT, gained 0.34% of the votes. In the 10 and 17 June 2007 French National Assembly elections, the party won no seats. Despite these low national results, the PT polled better in local elections.

The "PT" published a magazine called "Informations Ouvrières" ("Workers' News").

In June 2008, the PT was dissolved into the new Independent Workers' Party ("Parti ouvrier indépendant")

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