HaShir Shelanu

HaShir Shelanu

HaShir Shelanu (Our Song) is an Israeli daily comical musical drama that had finished its 4th season airing on the yes-5 Israeli Movie Channel (Arutz Ha'kolnoa Hayisraeli) and repeating on Israel channel 2.The last episode aired in April 2007.

General Plot

First Season

"120 episodes"

Ninet (Ninet Tayeb) is a young, unknown girl from the country that comes to Tel-Aviv and works with her cousin Ronnie (Niv Raz) at his cafeteria in Yardena Tamir's (Aliza Rozen) Academy of Music.After school hours are over Ninet goes to the classroom and sings.Her talent is revealed accidentally by the music teacher, Doron Sadeh (Sa'ar Badishi) who gets her enrolled to the school.Ninet falls in love with Zohar Lahat (Ran Danker) and the couple goes on a rocky road towards happiness disturbed mainly by Noa Shahar (Efrat Boymold) who wants Zohar for herself.Her best friend Dana Snir (Aliyana Bakyer) and her mother Naomi (Hana Laslow) help her by driving Zohar and Ninet apart.

econd Season

"100 episodes" Three years after graduating from the academy Ninet and Zohar became the country's most well known couple and they plan to get married.They have moved into the luxury apartment complex "Sun and Beach" in Tel-Aviv and surprisingly enough, their friends from the academy have also moved into the complex.Due to the ending of the first season in which Givon (Guy Zo-Eretz) was killed while trying to murder Ninet and frame Naomi, his brother Ariel (Oshri Cohen) and sister (Yael Sharoni) are in town and plan their revenge on Ninet, Naomi and Noa.While conspiring to assassinate the three, Ariel falls in love with Ninet.

Third Season

"73 episodes"

At the beginning of the third season viewers find out that the first two seasons of the show were actually a TV show called "Her Song".The two leading actors of "Her Song" Rani Aviv who played Zohar Lahat (Ran Danker) and Yonatan Barak who played Ariel Silver (Oshri Cohen) get ready to go to the army the day after they finish shooting the final episode of the second season.Rani goes to the paratroopers unit and Yonatan goes to an army band.All the other characters from the first two seasons occasionally appear under their real names.New characters join the show.

Fourth Season

"75 episodes"

Almost the plot of the third season. The plot will mostly be about the investigation of who tried to murder Tamra and Karin Koren. Karin Koren knows who tied to murder her by shooting her 2 times in the stomach when she was pregnant and shooting Tamara 3 times in the chest. Karin Promises Yotam that she won't tell anyone he shot her only if he starts going out with her. After Yotam Shot both Karin and Tamara they both stayed in the hospital asleep for 6 months Tamara wakes up and doesn't remember anything and she doesn't remember that 10 minutes before Yotam shot her she asked Rani Aviv to Marry him and he said yes so she doesn't love him anymore and Rani stil fights over her to get her back to be with him. Later in the season some people discover the that the inspector for the case of the shooting of Tamara and Karin Nora Spector is Karin's mother.


Ninet Tayeb as Ninet Levy (seasons 1-2(3*))/Herself (season 3-4)
Ran Danker as Zoahar Lahat (seasons 1-2)/Rani Aviv (season 3-4)
Efrat Boymold as Noa Shahar/Bat-Sheva Atias (seasons 1-2(3*))
Maya Dagan as Mickey Appelbaum (seasons 1-2)/Herself (season 3-)
Pini Tabger as Nahaman Ben-Hagay (seasons 1-2(3*))
Aliyana Bakyer as Dana Snir-Arad (seasons 1-2)
Yuval Abramovic as Roy Bar (seasons 1-2)/Himself (season 3-)
Amos Tamam as Yariv Arad (seasons 1-2)
Sa'ar Badishi as Doron Sadeh (seasons 1-2)
Abigail Arielli as Gali Naveh (seasons 1-2)
Hana Laslow as Naomi Shahar (seasons 1-2)/Herself (season 3-4)
Aliza Rozen as Yardena Tamir (seasons 1-2)
Tuvya Tzafir as Robbie Aviv (seasons 1-2)
Guy Zo-Eretz as Givon Kaspi (seasons 1-2)
Dalik Wolinitz as Udi Snir (seasons 1-3)
Rita Shukrun as Rachel Levy (seasons 1-2)
Niv Raz as Ronnie Levy (seasons 1-2)
Yael Sharoni as Sharon Silver (season 2(3*))/Herself (season 3)
Oshri Cohen as Ariel Silver (season 2)/Yonatan Barak (season 3-4)
Golan Azulay as Naftali Atias (season 2)
Aviad Kisus as Dr. Gidi Barak (season 2)
Anya Bookstein as Tamara Weiss (season 3-4)
Rona-Li Shimon as Shiri Gold (season 3-4)
Anat Magen-Shabu as Heli Banay (season 3-4)
Dana Adini as Shemesh Frost (season 3-4)
Mali Levy as Herself (season 1)/Elanor Shilon (season 3)
Eli Alotino as Tziyon Maymon (season 3-4)
Ido Mosseri as Tal Sasson (season 3-4)
Ran Behor as Harel Navon (season 3-4)
Liora Rivlin as Lily Gold (season 3-4)
Nina Kutler as Karin Koren (season 3-4)
Oshik Levy as Maj. Gen. Dan (Duba) Kidron (season 3-4)
Amikam Levy as Shuki Star (season 3-4)
Yosi Marshak as Shmulik (season 3)
Amos Lavie as Arie Weiss (season 3-4)
Uri Ravitz as Niki (season 3)
Lior Ashkenazi as Yotam Bareket (Season 3-4)
Agam Rodberg as Shai Bareket (season 4)
Galit Gootman as Ronit Bareket (season 4)
Gila Almagor as Nora Spector (season 4)
Elia Aharoni Stern as Elia Appelbaum (season 2)

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