Janusz Wiśniowiecki

Janusz Wiśniowiecki

:"See also Janusz Antoni Wisniowiecki (1678-1741)."

Janusz Wiśniowiecki (1598-1636), "koniuszy wielki koronny" (i.e. "High Royal Equerry") from 1633, starost of Krzemieniec.

In 1631 after the death of Jerzy Zbaraski inherited Puławy.

Married to Katarzyna Eugenia Tyszkiewicz. Father of Dymitr Jerzy Wiśniowiecki and Konstanty Krzysztof Wiśniowiecki.

Samuel Twardowski, a 17th century Polish poet and writer, wrote an epic "Książę Wiśniowiecki Janusz" (or "Prince Janusz Wiśniowiecki"). [http://www.wydawnictwo.us.edu.pl/index.php?op=view&pid=94&limit=0&WYDAWNICTWO=a7db3d2f299dadf15279c8f406ed79f1]

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* [http://genealogy.euweb.cz/poland/wisniow.html Genealogy of Wiśniowiecki-Zbaraski family.]

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