List of Aromanians

List of Aromanians

This is a list in progress of "world famous" or "important" Aromanians and people having Aromanian ancestry.


*Camil Ressu, Romanian painter
*Manakis brothers (Yanaki and Milton Manakia), film and photography; pioneers in the Balkans, from Avdela, Prefecture of Grevena, Macedonia, Greece;
*Alexandru Arsinel, well known Romanian actor and comedian;
*Sultana Maitec, Romanian sculptor;
*Stere Gulea, Romanian film maker and Government official;
*Cristian Hadji-Culea, Romanian theatre director and former President of the State Television TVR;
*Alexandru Boiangiu, Romanian film director and writer (imdb name|0092220|Alexandru Boiangiu);
*Tomislav Osmanli, director and writer from Republic of Macedonia
*Mihai Tugearu, Romanian sculptor
*Dumitru Pasima, Romanian sculptor
*Cristina Pasima, Romanian sculptor
*Cristian Paul Bedivan, Romanian sculptor
*Titi Ceara, Romanian sculptor
*Ecaterina Vrana, Romanian painter
*Florica Prevenda, Romanian painter
*Papaconstantin Tache, Roumanian Architect . Paris.
*Dumitru Cuşa, Roumanian Sculptor.Paris
*Stevan Cigaridov, Macedonian painter


* Toma Caragiu, Romanian actor;
* Tasko Nacic, Serbian actor;
* Alexandru Arsinel, well known Romanian actor and comediant
* Stere Gulea, Romanian film maker and Governmenet official
* Cristian Hadji-Culea, Romanian theatre director and former President of the State Television TVR
* Enache Manea, Romanian actor, Ion Creanga Theater
* Ion Caramitru, Romanian actor, former Minster of Culture and Director of the Romanian National Theatre
* Sebastian Papaiani, Romanian actor;
* Dan Pita, Romanian film maker
* Sergiu Nicolaescu, Romanian film maker and Governmenet official


* George Averoff (1818-1899): Vlach from Metsovo, Epirus, Greece, grand donator of Panathinaiko Stadium, Battleship "Averoff", The Grand School of Alexandria, The Greek Cadet School e.a.
* Apostolos Arsakis (1792-1874): Vlach from Hotahova, Epirus, Greece, founder of the Arsakeion School and building, nowadays accommodating the Greek Council of State
* George Stavrou (1795-1869): Vlach from Ioannina, Epirus, Greece, Founder of the National Bank of Greece
* Stergios Doumbas (Dumba) and Nikolaos Doumbas (1830-1900): Father and son, Vlachs from Vlasti, near Kozani, Macedonia,. Stergios Doumbas was the co-founder and donator of the National Library, one of the three masterpieces of contemporary architecture that make up the Athenian Trilogy. Nikolaos Doumbas was great benefactor of the cities of Vienna and Athens, sponsor of all the great composers of his times who lived in Vienna (Franz Peter Schubert, Johann Strauss e.a.) and the donator of the infamous concert hall of Vienna, Musikverein. The Dumba Marsch was composed at his honor.
* Evangelos Zappas (1800-1865): Vlach from Lampovo, North Epirus. He fought against the Ottoman Empire in 1821, in numerous sites around Greece. After the liberation of Greece, he expanded his business to Egypt and Romania, where he made an enormous fortune. All his fortune was bequeathed to the Greek State, but was confiscated by Romania.
* Constantinos Zappas or Konstantine Zappas (1813-1895): Cousin and executor of the will of Evangelos Zappas, successful businessman himself. As his cousin's will executor, he built Zappeion Megaron in Athens and many schools. Himself, was the inspirer and the great donator of the first Contemporary Olympic Games of 1896, which he did not survive to attend.
* Demetrius Postolakas: Vlach from Metsovo, Epirus, Greece. Founder and donator of the National Library, one of the three masterpieces of contemporary architecture that make up the Athenian Trilogy (the Athens Academy, the National and Kapodistrian University and the National Library), works of Theophil Freiherr von Hansen, Christian Hansen and Ernst Ziller
* George Sinas (1783-1856): Vlach from Moscopole, lived in Vienna, Budapest and Alexandria in Egypt. Businessman and former Greek Consul in Vienna. Benefactor of Greece, Austria-Hungary and donator of prominent buildings in Athens, masterpieces of architecture.
* Simon Sinas (1810-1876): Son of George Sinas, lived in Budapest . Donator and founder of the Academy of Budapest, the Athens Orthodox Cathedral, the Athens Academy e.a.
* Nikoaos Stournaras (1806-1853): Vlach from Metsovo, Epirus, Greece. Donator and co-founder of National Technical University Athens "Metsovio"
* The Tositsas family: Vlach family from Metsovo, Epirus, Greece. Donators and co-fouders of the National Technical University of Athens "Metsovio", also donators of numerous schools (107 schools only in Epirus) and beneficial institutions.


* Patriarch Joachim III of Constantinople
* Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras I of Constantinople
* Irinej Bulovic, Bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Bachka;
* Ioachim Mărtineanu, Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan, described martyrized Moscopole;
* Andrei Şaguna, Romanian patriot, bishop, baron of Şaguna, then Metropolitan - Romanian Orthodox Church of Transylvania;

Commerce and business

* Sotirios Bulgaris, from Kalarrytes, Epirus, founder of the Bulgari jewelry house
* Darvari family, famous philanthropists and Austrian Imperial bankers;
* Dumba family, famous philanthropists and Austrian Imperial bankers;
* Hagi Meitani, Austrian Imperial baron, Wallachian statesman;
* Mocioni family, famous philanthropists and Austrian Imperial bankers;
* Marcu Puiu, Austrian philanthropist and nobleman in the 18th century;
* Hagi Moscu, Austrian Imperial baron, Wallachian statesman;
* Emanoil Gojdu, Romanian-Hungarian lawyer and philanthropist;
* Toma Fila, Serbian lawyer;


* Herbert von Karajan, vlach from Kozani, Greece, the world famous conductor;
* Dimitar Lala or Dimitri Lalas,composer,studied music under Richard Wagner
* Apostolos Kaldaras, Greek composer;
* Kaliopi Bukle, Popular singer in Republic of Macedonia
* George Marcu, Macedonian Vlach,born in Veria,(Greece), professor and popular singer of old Macedonian songs in Romania.
* Marica Pitu, Macedonian Vlach, born in Veria,Macedonia(Greece),popular singer of old Macedonian(Songs in Romania.
* Krste Pavlovski-Levako,Macedonian Vlach,one of the greatest virtuosos on accordion
* Hrista Lupci,Macedonian Vlach,one of the greatest composers of Arman songs and the most popular singer of old Arman songs in Romania, .
* Gică Coadă, Macedonian Vlach,popular singer of old Macedonian songs in Romania.
* Sirma Granzula,Macedonian Vlach,music professor and popular singer of old Macedonian songs in Romania.
* Gheorghe Bujduveanu,born in Tessaloniki,Greece,composer and orchestra conductor,classic music in Romania.
* Toše Proeski, Macedonian Vlach, popular singer of Slavic pop - songs.
* Gigi Sima, Vlach singer from Romania
* Atanase Iorghita, vlach singer from Macedonia
* Nicu Grameni, vlach singer from Romania
* Iorghi Nicolae, vlach singer from Romania
* Stelica Arau, vlach singer from Romania
* Ianula Gheorghe, vlach singer from Romania
* Aurelia Mihale, vlach singer from Romania
* Mihale Prefti, vlach singer from U.S.A.
* Gica Godi, vlach singer from Romania
* Pero Tsatsa, vlach singer from Macedonia
* Tashu Lenca, vlach singer
* Gheorge Caraulani, vlach singer from Romania
* Hronciu Bacula, vlach singer
* Gigi Ciobanica, vlach singer from Romania
* Cristian Ionescu, vlach singer from Romania
* Bogdan Lascu, vlach singer from Romania
* Yoryi Maneca, vlach singer in Greece
* Helena Petreska, vlach singer in Macedonia (tbc)


* Ioannis Vlachos, known as Daskalogiannis (Δασκαλογιάννης) (?-June 17, 1771) was a Cretan rebel against Ottoman rule in the 18th century. Considered the national Hero of Crete Island.
* Evangelos Averoff, former Greek minister and former leader of the New Democracy party;
* Alexander Papagos, the Greek General who led the Greek Army during World War II, former Prime Minister
* Bellu family, emigrating from martyrized Moscopole, offered several Wallachian statesmen and one Romanian Prime Minister (conservative);
* George Becali, see Gigi Becali (sports)
* Costică Canacheu, Romanian politician,deputy in the Romanian Parliament, secretary of the Democratic Party
* Puiu Hasotti, Romanian politician,senator in the Romanian Parliament, vice-president of the National Liberal Party
* Ion Caramitru, Romanian politician, former Minister of Culture
* Dan Culetu,Constanta country prefect
* Michael Dukakis, American Governor of Massachusetts and former presidential candidate (Greek Aromanian mother) ["Tapping another ethnic group", in The New York Times, October 17 1988]
* Ghica family, Wallachian and Moldavian voivodes and Romanian Prime Ministers;
* Octavian Goga, famous Romanian author, poet and former Prime Minister of Romania;
* Ştefan Octavian Iosif, famous Romanian author;
* Ioannis Kolettis Greek Prime Minister, declared Greek Independence from the Ottoman Empire-;
* Lazar Paču, economist and politician in Kingdoms of Serbia and Yugoslavia;
*Traianos Nallis(Nale)orTrayan Nali Efendi,politician, member of the Ottoman ParliamentSecond Constitutional Era (Ottoman Empire)1908] .* []
* Nikola Pašić, politician and prime minister in Kingdoms of Serbia and Yugoslavia;
* George Padioti [] , famous Vlach minority rights activist in Greece;
* Rigas Velestinlis-Fereos, Greek poet and revolutionaire;
* Kosta Kumanudi, Serbian minister of finances 1921-1922;
* Hari Kostov, Macedonian Prime Minister June 2004 - November 2004, Minister of Internal Affairs 2002 - 2004
* Pitu Guli, "Duke; Military commander in IMRO; Macedonian revolutionary leader, died defending the Krushevo Republic during the Ilinden Uprising in 1903. His memory is celebrated in Republic of Macedonia's national anthem.
* Vangel Dinu, Prime Minister of the first Macedonian government formed during the Krushevo Republic in 1903
* Georgi Chache, Minister of Requisition; member of the government formed in Macedonia during the Ilinden Uprising of 1903
* Nikola Bailu, Minister of Health; Government of the Krushevo Republic in Macedonia, 1903
* Taki Fiti, Macedonian Minister of Finance, 1996-1998, Professor at the Faculty of Economics, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
* Emanoil Gojdu, lawyer and politician in the Austrian Empire.
* Eftimie Murgu, Transylvanian Romanian leader of the 1848 revolution
* Betty Tamposi, Vlach-American politician and community activist. Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs, current trustee of the University of New Hampshire.
* Christos Folias, Greek businessman, former New Democracy MEP and current vice-minister of Econony.
* Alchiviad Diamandi di Samarina, fascist politician born in Samarina, Consul of the Kingdom of Romania in Korçë, Albania between the two world wars and later leader of the autonomous Vlach statelet Principality of Pindus.
* Fatos Nano, the former Albanian prime-minister [ [ NL20_5: Community News ] ]
* Baron Gyula Cseszneky, Hungarian born politician, Prince Regent of the Principality of Pindus. His grandfather was an Aromanian merchant.
* Apostol Margarit, leader of the pro-Romanian faction of the Vlachs of Greece, inspector of the Romanian schools and member of the Romanian Academy in Bucharest [] .


* A. I. Tachos, professor of Administrative Law, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
* C. Vavouskos, professor of Civil Law, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
* Ion Juvara, famous Romanian surgeon, professor and head of University Department;
* Dinischiotu family, several famous Romanian physicians and professors;
* Târpa family, several famous Romanian physicians;
* Pascale family, Romanian American physicians;
* Nico Popnicola, Scientist from Macedonia
* Jovan Karamata, Serbian mathematician (1902-1967)
* Elie Carafoli, Romanian educated, born in Greece, aerodynamics inovatior, university teacher.
* Mina Minovici, Romanian forensic scientist, director of the first Romanian Institute of Legal Medicine, and the founder of the modern medico-legal system.


* Asterios Koukoudis, Greek historian and anthropologist
* Neagu Djuvara, Romanian diplomat and historian
* A. D. Xenopol, Romanian historian
* Kocho Sidovski, Macedonian historian
* Leon Boga, Romanian historian.


* Mihail G. Boiagi, philologist, grammarian, author, first Aromanian grammar and cultural hero;
* Theodor Capidan, linguist, wrote studies on Aromanian and Megleno-Romanian languages
* Tache Papahagi, linguist, and outstanding Romanian intellectual;
* Daniel Moscopolites, Greek philologist, author of famous lexicon;
* Matilda Caragiu Marioţeanu, linguist, poet and outstanding Romanian intellectual.


* Gigi Becali, owner of FC Steaua Bucureşti football club
* Ioan Becali, former president of FC Dinamo Bucureşti football club and cousin of Gigi
* Victor Becali, football impresario and brother of Ioan
* Gheorghe Hagi, famous Romanian football player;
* Joshko Milenkovski, manager of the Macedonian Volleyball Team, Manager of Rabotnicki Fersped, the Macedonian volleyball champion;
* Cristian Gaţu, famous Romanian handball player, also the handball player of all time;
* Marius Stavrositu, Romanian handball player;
* Iannis Zicu, Romanian football player
* Dominique Moceanu, Macedonian Vlach,born in Tampa,Florida, US National Gymnastics Team.
* Alexandra Bujduveanu, Macedonian Vlach, Ice Skating,Romania.
* Simona Amanar, Romanian Gymnast
* Hristu Chiacu, Romanian football player
* Stevan Cigaridov, Founder of Macedonian Archery Club


* George Zalokostas, Greek writer
* Cavaliotti family, several famous intellectuals in the 18th century;
* Daniil family, several famous intellectuals in the 18th century;
* Matyla Ghyka, famous Romanian prince, polymath, architect, mathematician and author;
* Mitrush Kuteli, Albanian poet
* Iosipos Moisiodax, Greek author
* Ioan Cuşa, Romanian poet, publicist and representative of Romanian community in Paris.
* Constantin Noica, Romanian philosopher
* Branislav Nušić (Aromanian: Alkibiad Nushi), Serbian novelist and playwright
* Pericle Papahagi, outstanding Romanian intellectual;
* Lasgush Poradeci, Albanian poet
* Gheorghe Constantin Roja, several famous intellectuals in the 18th century;
* Constantin Ucuţa, Moscopolitan Orthodox father, Viennese and Prussian intellectual;
* Ucuţa family, several famous intellectuals in the 18th century;
* Jovan Sterija Popović, Serbian novelist


* Constantin Belimace, poet, author of Aromanian national anthem "Dimândarea părintească" from the Bitola (Monastir) region of Macedonia ;
* Constantin Papanace, government minister, member of the Romanian parliament, poet, author born in Veria "Mica Antologie Aromânească";
* George Murnu, poet and professor at the University of Bucharest, translator of Iliad and Odyssey born in Veria;
* Gellu Naum, Romanian surrealist poet
* Pashko Vasa, Albanian poet
* Konstantinos Krystallis, Greek bucolic poet
* Kira-Iorgoveanu Mantsu, Vlach poet
* George Vrana, Vlach poet


* [ Asterios Koukoudis research on the Vlachs]
* [ A vastly performant, yet incomplete attempt to explain the Byzantine identity via political (Imperial), religious (Christian) and ethnical "Romania" by "The Vlach Connection"] (in English)
* [ Manaki Brothers, a short biography]

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