David Batchelor (sound engineer)

David Batchelor (sound engineer)

David "Dickie" Batchelor (7 March 1941, England – 3 May 2005, Ipswich, Suffolk) was a British sound engineer.

He worked for the BBC and Anglia Television, before going freelance. John Lloyd worked closely with him for years.

He worked with Rowan Atkinson on American Express adverts.

His main cinema work was:

He was involved in the radio adaptation of Espedair Street, the Iain Banks novel.

When asked to take over as production mixer on Alex Cox’s Walker, on location in Nicaragua, Batchelor was only told when collected from the airport that the film was being shot in a war zone. Batchelor said calmly that he would probably need some kind of hat.

Bachelor also produced the critically acclaimed Oasis (band) song Slide Away, which appeared on their 1994 debut Definitely Maybe.

Note; This is not the same Dave Batchelor who produced the Alex Harvey Band.


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