Tracking can refer to:

  • Tracking (education), separating children into different classes according to their academic ability
  • Tracking, in computer graphics, a vital part of match moving
  • Tracking, in portfolio management, matching or comparing with a stock market index
  • Tracking, in automotive engineering, a synonym for Toe (automotive)
  • Tracking, a subject of dead reckoning, concerning setting up a track on other objects momentarily viewed from the observer's own location
  • Tracking (typography), the process of uniformly increasing or decreasing the space between all letters in a block of text
  • The purpose of a satellite tracker (disambiguation)
  • Tracking (commercial airline flight), the means of tracking civil airline flights in realtime.
  • Tracking (hunting), the science and art of learning about a place via animal trails and other environmental evidence
  • Tracking (Scouting), a Scouting activity
  • Tracking, an electrical pre-breakdown phenomenon, see Electrical treeing
  • Tracking shot, a filming technique also known as a dolly shot
  • The association of individual detections from a radar system, performed by a radar tracker
  • Target tracking, one of the elements of Go-Onto-Target systems of missile guidance

In logistics

  • Track & Trace concerns a process starting with determining the current and past locations and other status of property in transit. Tracking and tracing is the completion of this process with uniformly building a track of such property that are forwarded to, processed for, applied in or disposed of usage.
  • Asset tracking provides regular information about objects of an inventory or any stock of mobile entities

In sports:

In technology:

  • Optical motion tracking
  • Video tracking, finding the location of an object of the scene on each frame of the sequence, when processing a video sequence
  • Tracking, alignment of the magnetic tape of a Video cassette recorder with respect to the reading head
  • Tracking, composing music with tracker (music software)
  • Web visitor tracking, the analysis of visitor behavior on a website

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