Har may refer to:

* Har is mountain in Hebrew.
* Har is a religious term in Indian religions meaning God, also spelt Hari.
* Har is the Greek name for the Egyptian god Horus.
* Hár (meaning "high"), one of the many names of Odin in Norse mythology.
* Har, a character in the mythological writings of William Blake.
* Hár, a crater on Jupiter's moon Callisto.

Har may be an abbreviation for:
* Human accelerated regions - the name of some human genes
* Heritage at Risk - English heritage's register of endangered historic heritage.

HAR may be an acronym:
* HAR (Highway Advisory Radio), another name for Travelers' Information Stations, a form of broadcast traffic information.
* HAR (Hacking At Random), another name for Hacking At Random, an outdoor hacker conference that will take place in the Netherlands in the summer of 2009.

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