Nemuro Subprefecture

Nemuro Subprefecture
Nemuro Subprefecture
Prefecture Hokkaidō
Capital Nemuro
 – Total 3,406.23 km2 (1,315.2 sq mi)
Population (March 2009)
 – Total 84,035
 – Density 24.7/km2 (63.9/sq mi)

Nemuro (根室振興局 Nemuro-shinkō-kyoku?) is a subprefecture of Hokkaidō, Japan. The Japanese claim the disputed Southern Kurile Islands (known as the Northern Territories in Japan) as part of this subprefecture.

As of July 31, 2004, the subprefecture has an estimated population of 86,152 and a (claimed) area of 8533.96 km².

Nakashibetsu Airport, the easternmost airport in Japan, is located in the Town of Nakashibetsu, Shibetsu District.



  • November, 1897 Nemuro Subprefecture established
  • November, 1897 Shana Subprefecture established
  • December, 1903 Shana Subprefecture and Nemuro Subprefecture merged
  • August, 1945 Soviets occupy the Kuril Islands


Nemuro Subprefecture (under Japanese control)


Towns and villages by district

Districts in the Northern Territories

Also knonwn as the Southern Kurile Islands (occupied and administered by Russia, claimed by Japan)
  • Shikotan
    • Shikotan
  • Kunashiri (Kunashir)
    • Tomari (Golovnino)
    • Ruyobetsu (Yuzhno Kurilsk)
  • Etorofu (Iturup)
    • Rubetsu (Pioner)
  • Shana
    • Shana (Kurilsk)
  • Shibetoro
    • Shibetoro (Rudnaya)

Districts renounced in San Francisco Treaty

  • Uruppu
  • Shimushiro (Shimushir)
  • Shumushu


Nemuro Subprefecture (including Southern Chishima)


See List of mergers in Hokkaidō Prefecture#Nemuro Subprefecture.

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