List of building materials

List of building materials

Building materials used in the construction industry to create buildings and structures.

These categories of materials and products are used by American architects and construction project managers to specify the materials and methods used for building projects.

Catalogs distributed by architectural product suppliers are typically organized into these groups.

Material (articles) refer to: Category
Compressed earth block, mud brick, rammed earth Category:Appropriate technology
Concrete Category:Concrete
Conveying systems Category:Vertical transportation devices
Composites Category:Composite materials
Thermal protection Category:Thermal protection
Moisture protection Category:Moisture protection
Doors Category:Doors
Electrical systems and equipment Category:Electrical systems
Surface finishing Category:Finishes
  • also "gyp-board" or "drywall"
  • Category:Tiles
  • Category:Roofs
  • Category:Ceilings
  • Category:Floors
  • Category:Walls
  • House painting
Fire suppression equipment Category:Fire suppression
Furnishings Category:Furniture
HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) Category:HVAC
Masonry, mortar (masonry), grout Category:Masonry
Metals Category:Metals
"Openings" include Doors & Windows Category:Doors
Plastics Category:Plastics
Plumbing fixtures and equipment Category:Plumbing
Building safety Category:Building safety
Security systems Category:Security
Specialties Category:Architectural specialties
Telecommunications equipment Category:Telecommunications
Wood, carpentry Category:Wood


see also: List of woods
Windows Category:Windows

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The Construction Specifications Institute maintains the following industry standards:

  • MasterFormat -- 50 standard divisions of building materials - 2004 edition (current in 2009)
  • 16 Divisions -- Original 16 divisions of building materials
  • List of commercially available roofing material

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