List of leagues of American and Canadian football

List of leagues of American and Canadian football

This is a list of current and defunct leagues of American football and Canadian football.


Current leagues in North America

Professional outdoor leagues:

Formed from Interprovincial Rugby Football Union and Western Interprovincial Football Union.
Originally American Professional Football Conference, American Professional Football Association (1920-1921)
  • United States United Football League, 2009–

Professional arena/indoor leagues:

Note: The Arena Football League technically disbanded in 2009. The current incarnation was the result of several of the AFL's first and second division teams banding together and purchasing the intellectual property rights to the league and reviving it as a new entity.

Semi-professional leagues:

  • United States Empire Football League, 1969-
  • United States Mid Continental Football League, 1992-
  • United States New England Football League, 1994-
  • United States Canada North American Football League, 1996-
  • Canada Alberta Football League, 1996-
  • Canada Maritime Football League, 1996-
  • United States Northeastern Football Alliance, 1997-
  • United States Rocky Mountain Football League, 1997-
  • United States Central Football League, 1999-
  • United States Southern States Football League, 2001-
  • United States Minor League Football Association, 2003-
  • United States Oklahoma Metro Football League, 2007-
  • United States Florida Football Alliance, 2007-
  • United States Big Northeast Football Federation 2007-
  • United States Gridiron Developmental Football League 2010-
  • United States Five Star Football League 2010-
  • United States Stars Football League, 2011–

Collegiate and amateur leagues:

Women's leagues:

Historical leagues in North America

Major outdoor leagues:

Minor outdoor leagues

  • 1: Two teams now in NFL
  • 2: Agreed to merger with the NFL in 1966, with merger completed in 1970
  • 3: American Association suspended operations for duration of U.S. involvement in World War II; in 1946 the AA was renamed American Football League
  • 4: Known as the American Professional Football Association in 1938; renamed American Football League in 1939; dissolution after 1939 season caused by formation of 1940-1941 AFL major league
  • 5: Merged with PCPFL in 1945
  • 6: Informal league, direct predecessor to the NFL

Indoor leagues

Women's leagues

Current American Football minor and semi professional leagues outside of North America

Central and South America:

  •  Argentina - FAA Football Americano Argentina
  •  Bahamas - CAFL Commonwealth American Football League
  •  Brazil - AFAB Associação de Futebol Americano do Brasil
  •  Brazil - LBFA Liga Brasileira de Futebol Americano[2]
  •  Brazil - Torneio Touchdown Torneio Touchdown [3]
  •  Chile - FEDFACH Federación Deportiva Nacional de Fútbol Americano de Chile[4]
  •  Uruguay - UFL Uruguay Football League
  •  Costa Rica - FCFA Federación Costarricense de Futbol Americano




Defunct American football minor leagues around the world

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