name = "Choeropsis"
status = EN

image_width = 220px
image_caption = Pygmy Hippopotamus
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Mammalia
ordo = Artiodactyla
familia = Hippopotamidae
genus = "Choeropsis"
subdivision_ranks = Species
subdivision = "Choeropsis liberiensis"
"Choeropsis madagascariensis"

"Choeropsis" is a genus of pygmy hippopotamuses.

There are two known species, one of which is extinct:

* Pygmy Hippopotamus — "Choeropsis liberiensis"
* Madagascan Pygmy Hippopotamus — "Choeropsis madagascariensis" †

Some researchers consider Pygmy Hippos to be a member of the genus Hexaprotodon.

The name choeropsis is derived from the Greek word "Khoiros" meaning "pig" and "Opsis" meaning "belonging to". The pygmy hippo, however, is not a pig, and the suffix "-opsis" can also be translated as "like unto", as in "Phalaenopsis" (moth-like).

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