Center manifold

Center manifold


:dot{ extbf{x = f( extbf{x})

be a dynamical system with equilibrium point:

: extbf{x}^{*} = 0

The linearization of the system at the equilibrium point is:

:dot{ extbf{x = A extbf{x}

The linearized system has the following sets of eigenspaces, which are invariant subspaces of dot{ extbf{x = A extbf{x}:

extbf{E}_{s} : set of stable eigenspaces which is defined by the eigenvectors corresponding to the eigenvalues extbf{Re}(lambda_{i}(A))<0
extbf{E}_{u} : set of unstable eigenspaces which is defined by the eigenvectors corresponding to the eigenvalues extbf{Re}(lambda_{i}(A))>0
extbf{E}_{c} : center eigenspace which is defined by the eigenvectors corresponding to the eigenvalue extbf{Re}(lambda_{i}(A))=0

Corresponding to the linearized system, the nonlinear system has invariant manifolds, which are some kind of "invariant subspaces" for nonlinear systems. These invariant manifolds are tangent to the eigenspaces at the equilibrium point.
Now the center manifold is the invariant subspace which is tangent to the center eigenspace extbf{E}_{c} .

Center manifold and the analysis of nonlinear systems

As the stability of the equilibrium correlates with the "stability" of its manifolds, the existence of a center manifold brings up the question about the dynamics on the center manifold. This is analyzed by the Center manifold reduction, which, in combination with some system-parameter μ, leads to the concepts of bifurcations.

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