Dead Souls MUDlib

Dead Souls MUDlib

Dead Souls is a MUD library (mudlib), or a system for creating a text-based virtual world. It is classed in the following versions:

* Dead Souls 1.1 was the final release by its original head developer, George Reese. Dead Souls 1.1 was in most respects the last released version of the Nightmare Mudlib, as the chief differences between the two libs were that Dead Souls lacked documentation and the gamedriver to run it.

* Dead Souls 1.2 through Dead Souls 2.x are the result of the effort to revive and re-release Dead Souls in a form usable and useful to the MUD community.

Version differences

The difference between versions 1.1 and 2.x is dramatic, in that as released, 1.1 was exceptionally difficult to implement without a great deal of MudOS, LPC, and Nightmare-specific experience. The 2.x versions are marked by their user-friendliness, ease of use and implementation, and new, simple systems for world-creation. The attempt to widen the usability and appeal of Dead Souls is seen in its introduction of a version designed for Microsoft Windows.

Dead Souls 2 experienced a surge in popularity in 2006 and as of October 2006 it is the mudlib with most entries on yatmim, an intermud-3 router.

In September 2006, a Dead Souls support forum opened on, providing users with a central location to seek advice and news on the mudlib and its development.

External links

* " [ Dead Souls] " The official Dead Souls homepage
* " [ LPMuds Website] " Home of the official Dead Souls support forum

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