Spanish Armed Forces

Spanish Armed Forces
Spanish Armed Forces
Fuerzas Armadas Españolas
Emblem of the Spanish Armed Forces.svg
Tri-service badge
Service branches Emblem of the Spanish Army.svg Spanish Army

Emblem of the Spanish Navy.svg Spanish Navy
Emblem of the Spanish Air Force.svg Spanish Air Force

Headquarters Madrid, Spain
Supreme Chief Juan Carlos I
Minister of Defence Carme Chacón
Chief of the Defense Staff Air Force General José Julio Rodríguez Fernández
Military age 18
Active personnel 177,000 (ranked 31st)
Reserve personnel 377,800
Budget € 17.7 billion (Ranked 17th)
Percent of GDP 1.2%
Foreign suppliers  European Union
 United States
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The Spanish Armed Forces (Spanish: Fuerzas Armadas Españolas, FFAA) are the military forces of the Kingdom of Spain. The Spanish Armed Forces are a modern military force charged with defending the Kingdom's integrity and sovereignty. They consist of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

The Monarch is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, with the title jefe supremo de las fuerzas armadas (Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces) The current Chief of the Defence Staff is Air General José Julio Rodríguez Fernández.

The Armed Forces are also active members of NATO, the Eurocorps, and the European Union Battlegroups.



The military history of Spain includes the history of battles fought in the territory of modern Spain, as well as her former and current overseas possessions and territories, and the military history of the Spanish people regardless of geography.

Spanish soldiers in Afghanistan


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