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"Stargate Worlds" is an MMORPG currently under development by Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment in association with the film and television media company MGM. The game is designed to allow players to interact in an online universe, based around "Stargate SG-1". It is being published by the newly formed company FireSky.cite web |url= |title=New Interactive Publishing House |date=2008-04-17 |publisher=IGN |accessdate=2008-04-17 ]

So far, little has been released about the game, besides initial ideas and concept art, although one notable feature of the game recently released is that it will be completely canonicalFact|date=June 2008, adhering and contributing to the back story of "Stargate SG-1". CME has posted on the website that the game was expected to be released at the last quarter of 2008, but has recently changed its website to reflect a 2009 release. [ Jan 02, 2008 ~ From the Developers] ] On January 4, 2008, a TV ad and trailer for "Stargate Worlds" was released. Also on the same day, a sweepstake was announced. The winner will have their likeness included in the game. People interested in the game can now register for the closed beta at the official website. Participants will be chosen by random draw and there are no restrictions on who can join besides being above 18.


"Stargate Worlds" will be based on the popular science fiction show "Stargate SG-1". Original plans were to run it in sync with the show, but the show was canceled in 2006, though at least three direct-to-DVD films are being made, continuing the storyline. [ Gate World Reports SG-1 Cancelled] ] The game will take place in the earlier seasons of the show, before the Atlantis expedition and before the Ori story arc. [ Balentine: Worlds is pre-Ori] ]

At release, the game will revolve around the Milky Way Galaxy during in the fictional storyline of the ongoing conflict between the Tau'ri and Goa'uld. Playable races as shown at this time will include Humans, Goa'uld, Jaffa, and Asgard.


One of the key aspects of "Stargate Worlds", and what may set it apart from many other MMORPG's will be the combat. While still being an MMORPG the combat will incorporate some elements that are familiar to players of first person shooters. Players will use an array of ranged weaponry of both earth and alien origin. Combat will emphasize tactics to defeat opponents both AI and human controlled. The AI is being designed to provide players a significant challenge. [ [ Gamespot Interview] ]


The archetypes are somewhat different from those traditionally found in MMORPG's. They are designed to fit with the modern ranged-weapon combat system of the game. There will be no specific healer class and everyone will have the ability to be a medic, although some archetypes will be better than others at healing and reviving. [A [ podcast interview] with Joseph Ybarra and Kevin Balentine from – 22 March 2007] Opportunity for specialization within archetypes and the ability of more than one archetype to perform certain functions within a group should lead to more flexibility in grouping. [ Ten Ton Hammer Article] - 31 January 2007">] A robust tech tree will make each archetype that much more customizable and replayable. [A [ post] By Joseph Ybarra On The Stargate Worlds Forums. - 8 April 2006] [From a [ Warcry Interview] with Chris Klug and Sara Baker - 21 May 2006]

The "Stargate Worlds" archetypes are very flexible in their abilities and usage. Players test out many abilities as they begin their character. Each archetype will have three specialization trees which will define a particular play style over time, although players will be able to mix and match skills from these. [An [ interview] at with Kevin Balantine - 2 October 2007] No end game instance will need a particular class to be successful, although the developers have yet to rule out a particular play style being necessary for certain instances. [ Developer Q&A Podcast [ Episode 2] - 22 August 2007]

The archetypes are currently Archaeologist, Asgard, Goa'uld, Jaffa, Scientist, Soldier, and Commando. With some time till the game is released, this is subject to change. Both the scientist and the archaeologist will excel in non-combat gameplay with various types of puzzles to solve and gain access to new advances. [ interview] with David "Zeb" Cook. - 19 October 2006 ] In addition, there are likely to be quests specifically for those and other archetypes. [ Ten Ton Hammer Interview] with Joseph Ybarra. - 10 May 2006]

Each archetype will have its own starting area. In addition to learning how to play the archetype, this starting zone will also give the player a backstory that comes from 10 seasons of Stargate SG-1. [ [ Live Developer Chat] on – 8 November 2007]


The Archaeologist will specialize in ancient cultures and languages. This is the 'Daniel Jackson' archetype. They will be able to 'blend in with the locals' to gather intelligence or ambush the enemy. It is likely that the archaeologist will also be able to engage in diplomacy, something discussed by the developers previously. [ [ Press Conference Call] with Joseph Ybarra, David Adams, and Sara Baker - 15 February 2006] Archaeologists can also be quite adept in aggro management, perhaps by being superb negotiators or good at hiding, making them good solo characters, in addition to their ability to solve puzzles that are currently slated to be in the form of minigames. In addition to using their diplomatic abilities in PvE situations, they may also be able to use them to their advantage in PvP interactions, although how this will work is unknown.


While physically frail, the Asgard are masters of technology and will have a strong science ability. [A [ podcast interview] with Joseph Ybarra and Kevin Balentine from – 22 March 2007] They depend on drone technology to survive and thrive. By calling upon different types of drones to attack, defend, heal, or analyze, the Asgard becomes a true jack-of-all-trades. When faced with dire circumstances, the Asgard can also bring in their mighty starships to devastate the enemy with orbital bombardments in the form of a special attack. [A [ podcast interview] with Joseph Ybarra and Kevin Balentine from – 22 March 2007] By being able to fit into a number of different roles, it is likely the Asgard will choose their 'class' by specializing in a different type of drone technology. The Asgard will be a faction-specific class, thus there will not be any "evil" Asgard. [ A post] by Jay Adan on the SGW Community Forums - 1 February 2007]


The Goa'uld will not be more powerful than other players in the game. [Interview: [ Developer Interview Part 2] – July 10 2008] The Goa'uld will gain much of their power from their servants. The TV series has shown how Goa'uld such as Hathor and Seth can easily seduce new servants with powerful chemicals. With the ability to command several different types of minions, the Goa'uld can become almost as versatile as the Asgard. These minions will include Jaffa and possibly human servants. [An Audio Podcast: [ Developer Q&A Part 1] – June 29 2007] In addition to their minions, Goa'uld also have access to poisons that can be used to cripple enemies. They can also specialize in Ashrak technologies, such as phase cloaking, becoming masters of stealthy attacks. As the evil counterparts to the Asgard, the Goa'uld may be able to call in their Ha'tak motherships to bombard the enemy as a special attack. [A [ podcast interview] with Joseph Ybarra and Kevin Balentine from – 22 March 2007] The Goa'uld character will be the symbiote, and players will, at times and at a "cost", be able to choose to enter a new host. However player Goa'uld will not be able to take over other players' hosts. [An [ interview] on 97.1 Pwned Radio, Detroit, with Dan Elggren – 15 April 2007] [ [ Dev Q&A Podcast- Episode 5] – 12 December 2007]

CME has stated that the Goa'uld will be a faction-specific class. The Tok'ra at this stage will not be a playable race.


The Jaffa in the game are much like the Jaffa in the show. In addition to its devastating ranged attack, the Jaffa staff weapon can also be used in melee combat. Displaying solidarity and teamwork, Jaffa can use their oaths to strengthen their allies, especially other Jaffa. With their physical strength, Jaffa are highly resistant to special attacks and can continue fighting even when injured.


Being a combination of pure scientist and engineer , this is the 'Samantha Carter' archetype. Scientists can specialize in analyzing, repairing, and using technologies. They can also use new technologies to craft personal upgrades. Their battlefield utility comes from the ability to construct devices such as gun turrets, shields, and target inhibitors. They can also specialize in healing and resurrection technology. Like the archaeologist, the scientist can also solve puzzles, but of a technological nature. These puzzles will be in the form of minigames.


As the 'Jack O'Neill' archetype, the Soldier is valuable for protection when stepping through the stargate. With the ability to specialize in a variety of weapons, including grenades, automatic weapons, machine guns, mortars, and rocket launchers, their job is to unleash firepower on enemies. With additional training, they can also learn basic healing, how to use alien weaponry, and lead teams.The Soldier will be able to specialize in Command, Automatic Weapons, and Heavy Weapons. Command skills will allow the player limited use of healing technologies and skills to increase team performance. Heavy and Automatic Weapons skills will increase a player's performance with each of these weapons classes. [An [ interview] at with Kevin Balantine - 2 October 2007]


By giving up access to the variety of weapons a Soldier uses, a Commando gains access to stealth, demolitions, and the sniper rifle. The Commando can disrupt, confuse, and neutralize enemies. In addition to being able to stealth, Commandos also have technology to detect stealthed enemies. The Commando will be at least one of the archetypes able to deploy and detect traps. [ [ Dev Q&A Podcast- Episode 5] – 12 December 2007]


In addition to regular content updates, the possibility of expansion packs has been discussed. Currently there is no information on how much the expansions will cost.

targate Atlantis

The first expansion is planned as Stargate Atlantis. [From an [] interview.] Atlantis and the Pegasus Galaxy present much additional content, with all five seasons' worth aired by the time of the game's release. It is ideal for an expansion, and this is what the developers intend for this facet of Stargate at this stage. It is unknown if the Wraith will be playable characters. [A [ Press Conference Call] with Joe Ybarra, David Adams, and Sara Baker - 15 February 2006] [From a [ interview] with David "Zeb" Cook. - 19 October 2006] [An [ Escapist Magazine interview] with Joe Ybarra - 5 March 2007]

pace and Space Flight

Player-controlled ships will not be in the initial release. [From a [,id105,0,interview_simpson_27_08.html Stargate-Welten Interview] with Jake Simpson - 31 August 2006] However, missions will almost certainly take players on board all manner of spacecraft, even during the massive space battles seen in the television series. [From a [ FiringSquad Interview] with Chris Bernert - 13 September 2006] Players will even be able to explore the entire interior of a Ha'tak class mothership. [A [ podcast interview] with Joe Ybarra and Kevin Balentine from – 22 March 2007]

Having player-controlled ships has been discussed as potential content for an expansion. While some community members believe it may be included in the Atlantis expansion, the technical difficulties associated with developing space travel and the massive amount of content involved would lend player space flight to its own expansion. [A [ post] By Chris Klug — Creative Director, Also Known As [ Ledaye] On The Stargate Worlds Forums. - 19 May 2006]

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