ReFLEX is a wireless protocol developed by Motorola which is used for two-way paging.

The Motorola PageWriter released in 1996 was one of the first devices to use the ReFLEX network protocol.


ReFLEX is based on the one-way FLEX protocol and originally came in two variants, ReFLEX25 and ReFLEX50. Later version 2.7 of the ReFLEX protocol was released. Devices compliant with ReFLEX 2.7.x can operate on both ReFLEX25 and ReFLEX50 networks.

The primary difference between the ReFLEX versions are inbound speed.
* FLEX - 1-way communications 1600, 3200 and 6400 BPS
* ReFLEX 25 - 2-way up to 6400 BPS
* ReFLEX 50 - 2-way up to 9600 BPS
* ReFLEX 2.7.x

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* DataTAC
* Mobitex

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