Triple jump

Triple jump

The triple jump (sometimes referred to as the "hop, step and jump" or the "hop, skip and jump") is a track and field sport, similar to the long jump, but involving a “hop, step and jump” routine, whereby the competitor runs down the track and performs a hop, a step and then a jump into the sand pit.

The triple jump has its origins in the Ancient Olympics and has been a modern Olympics event since the Games’ inception in 1896.

The current male and female world record holders are Jonathan Edwards of Great Britain, with a jump of 18.29 metres, and Inessa Kravets of Ukraine, with a jump of 15.50 metres.


The triple jump, or at least a variant involving three jumps one after the other, has its roots in the Ancient Greek Olympics, with records showing athletes attaining distances of more than 50 feet. [] ,]

However, the geal-ruith (triple jump), was an event contested in the ancient Irish Tailteann Games as early as 1829 B.C. [] , "...contained in the Irish "Book of Leinster", which was written in the twelfth century AD...this book describes the Tailteann Games held at Telltown, County Meath from 1829 BC until at least 554 BC...included in these events...were the geal-ruith (triple jump)".]

The triple jump was a part of the inaugural 1896 Olympics in Athens, although back then it consisted of two hops on the same foot and then a jump. In fact, the first modern Olympic champion, James Connolly, was a triple jumper. Early Olympics also included the standing triple jump, although this has since been removed from the Olympic program and is rarely performed in competition today. The women’s triple jump was introduced into the Olympics in 1996.


The athlete runs down a runway until they reach a takeoff mark, from which the jump is measured. The takeoff mark is a "board", which is commonly implemented as a physical piece of wood or like material embedded in the runway, or a rectangle painted on the runway surface. In modern championships a strip of plasticine or modeling clay is attached to the board to record athletes overstepping the mark, defined by the trailing edge of the board.

There are three phases of the triple jump, articulated in the original event name: the "hop" phase, the "step" phase, and the "jump" phase. These three phases are executed in one continuous sequence. The hop starts with the athlete jumping from the mark on his/her takeoff leg, and ends landing on the runway with the takeoff leg. In the step, the athlete immediately jumps with the takeoff leg and lands on the runway with the opposite leg. The step is followed by the jump, where the athlete jumps from that same non-takeoff leg and lands in a sand-filled pit. The jump phase is very similar to the long jump. A "foul", also known as a "scratch" or missed jump, occurs when a jumper oversteps the takeoff mark, misses the pit entirely, does not use the correct foot sequences throughout the phases, or does not perform the attempt in the allotted amount of time (usually about one minute).

Best Year Performance

Men's Season's Best

*1 Edwards also has legal jumps of 18.16, 18.01, 18.00, 17.99, 17.98, 17.92, 17.88 and 17.86 m. As of 19 June 2006, he has seven of the top 11 jumps of all time. The longest wind aided jump of 18.43(+2.4) was also performed by Edwards.
*2 Harrison also has legal jumps of 17.99m and 17.93 m.
*3 Conley also has a legal jump of 17.86 m.


NB: Again, these are the top 10 performers of all time, not the top 10 performances.

Other famous triple jumpers

* Anna Biryukova
* Ashia Hansen
* Yargelis Savigne
* Viktor Saneyev
* Leonid Shcherbakov
* Vilho Tuulos
* Christian Olsson
* Aliecer Urrutia
* Walter Davis
* Nelson Évora
* Dennis Brown
* Adhemar Ferreira da Silva
* Phillips Idowu
* Marija Sestak
* Naide Gomes

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