Political institutions of Ancient Rome

Political institutions of Ancient Rome

This is a tentative list of topics regarding political institutions of Ancient Rome.

=Rulers of Rome=

* List of Early Imperial Roman Consuls
* List of Late Imperial Roman Consuls
* List of Republican Roman Consuls
* List of Roman kings
* List of Roman Emperors
* List of Roman censors
* List of principes senatus

Political bodies

* Roman assemblies
* Roman senate
* Roman Curia
* Roman Forum

ocio/political factions

* Optimates
* Populares
* Nobiles
* Patricians
* Equites
* Plebs
* Proletarians

Public offices

* aedile
* censor
* comes palatinus
* consul
* dictator
* Extraordinary and Ordinary magistrates
* legatus
* praetor
** praetor peregrinus
* princeps senatus
* procurator
* promagistrates
* rex
* provincial governors
** List of Roman governors of Britain
* quaestor
* tribune


*cursus honorum
* decemviri - vigintisexviri
*pontifex maximus
*Constitution of the Roman Republic
* Roman law
** List of Roman laws
* Tarpeian Rock
* Triumvirates
** First Triumvirate
** Second Triumvirate

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