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EUDemocrats (EUD) is an alliance of parties, movements and political organisations operating as a transnational Party at a European level (European political party), and incorporating members from both the centre-left and the centre-right.

The party was set up under Danish law on 7 November 2005 and founded as a European Party in Brussels on 8 November 2005. The first congress was held in Brussels on 24 February 2006. EUD's platform is not concerned with right or left ideologies since it believes that such politics are best left under the democratic control of the citizens of member states and regions. Veteran Danish MEP Jens-Peter Bonde was the inspiration behind the creation of the EUD.

According to its political platform, the EUD believes in decision-making at the lowest possible levels, giving an effective voice to the citizens of the member states, regions and national minorities. It aims to unite those who are critical of the EU for its undemocratic development and its ever-centralising political features.

EUD is opposed to the centralisation of EU power, especially the empowerment for the EU to self-empower, which it describes as a sad development in the history of democracy in Europe. EUD urges for the peoples’ scrutiny and control over EU institutional powers and actions, recalling what history teaches us of past undemocratic systems of government in Europe.

The operational aim of EUD is to act as an effective political platform and a campaigns organisation that is able to influence pan-European politics towards democratic development. It is also EUD's aim to have affiliated candidates elected in European elections on its political platform.

Recent activity

The EUD is actively involved with the [ European Referendum Campaign] , a movement that is fighting for the right of the citizens of the European Union to vote on the new Lisbon Treaty. The Campaign aims to persuade national parliaments and leaders to submit the treaty to the vote of the population through referenda. Furthermore, the membership of the EUD has increased, with the inclusion of members from Bulgaria, Romania and Sweden.


*BGR: Coalition for Direct Democracy
**Nikolaj BLIZNAKOV - Chairperson of Coalition for Direct Democracy.

*: June Movement ("JuniBevægelsen")
** 1 MEP: Hanne Dahl

*EST: Igor Gräzin MP Estonian Reform Party(“ Eesti Reformierakond”)
*: Movement No to EU

*FIN: Gun-Mari MP Lindholm

*: Arise the Republic ("Debout la République")
** 1 MP: Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (elected as UMP deputy)

*GBR: David Heathcoat-Amory MP Conservative Party
**2 MEPs: Roger Helmer and Dan Hannan

*HUN: 2 MPs Sándor Lezsák MP and András Püski MP [Fidesz-KDNP]

*: National Platform
*: People's Movement
*IRL: Kathy Sinnott MEP, Independent

* New Democrats ("Jaunie Demokrāti")
*: Eurosceptic Political Organisation ("Eiroskeptiki par neatkaribu ")

*MALTA: Henry Abela - EUD Malta.

*: New Democracy ("Partido Da Nova Democracia")
**1 MP: Baltazar Aguiar

*ROU: National Initiative Party (“Partidul Initiativa Nationala”)
**1 MP: Lavinia Sandru

*: Direct Democracy ("Hnutie Domova")
**Peter Kopecky

*: June List ("Junijska lista")
**1 MP: [Gorazd Drevensek] - EUD Slovenia.

*SWE:June List ("Junilistan")
**2 MEPs: Nils Lundgren and Hélène Goudin

Former member

*POL: Self-Defense of the Republic of Poland ("Samoobrona Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej")

External links

* [ Profile of EUD by proponent Jens-Peter Bonde]
* [ European Referendum Campaign]

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