11th century in literature

11th century in literature

"See also:" 10th century in literature, 12th century in literature, list of years in literature.


New books

*1026-1046 - "Historiarum libri quinque ab anno incarnationis DCCCC usque ad annum MXLIV" (History in five books from 900 AD to 1044 AD) by Rodulfus Glaber
*1077 - "Monologion" ("Monologue") by Anselm of Canterbury
*1077/78 - "Proslogion" ("Address") by Anselm of Canterbury
*1086 - "Domesday Book"
*1088 - "Dream Pool Essays", by Shen Kuo
*"Le Chanson de Roland" ("The Song of Roland")
*"The Tale of Genji" by Murasaki Shikibu



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