Maverick or Maverik may refer to:

  • Maverick (animal), an unbranded range animal, derived from U.S. cattleman Samuel Maverick (see below)



  • MaverickCrunch, a floating point math coprocessor core intended for digital audio
  • Maverick Framework, a model-view-controller framework for Java
  • Maverick.NET, a Maverick port from Java to C#
  • Maverick Meerkat, a version of Ubuntu (10.10)

Film and television

  • Maverick (TV series), an American western series starring James Garner and Jack Kelly
  • Maverick (film), a 1994 film based on the television series, starring Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, and James Garner
  • Maverick, the callsign of the main character, played by Tom Cruise, in the film Top Gun




Organizations and products


  • Kurd Maverick, Kurdish-German producer and DJ
  • Mary Maverick (1818–1898 ), Texas pioneer and memoirist
  • Maury Maverick (1895–1954), US congressman from Texas, who coined the word "gobbledygook"
  • Maury Maverick, Jr. (1921–2003), Texas politician, activist and columnist
  • Samuel Maverick (1803–1870), Texas cattleman from whom the term maverick originated
  • Samuel Maverick (apprentice), a young man killed in the Boston Massacre
  • Samuel Maverick (colonist) (1602–1670), English colonist in Massachusetts
  • Maverick Matt, ring name of Matt Bentley, American professional wrestler
  • Maverick Sabre (b. 1991), English singer-songwriter and rapper




  • AEA Maverick, a single-seat sportsplane
  • Ford Maverick (disambiguation), the name of four different automobiles made by the Ford Motor Company
  • SS Maverick, an American oil tanker

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