Britain may refer to:

In geography:
* Great Britain, an island to the northwest of Continental Europe
* Britain, Virginia, an unincorporated village in Loudoun County, Virginia, USA

In politics
* United Kingdom, a sovereign state consisting of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

In history:
* Prehistoric Britain, Britain prior to the Roman invasion of 43 AD.
* Roman Britain or "Britannia", a Roman province covering most of modern England and Wales, and some of southern Scotland from 43 to 410 AD.
* Sub-Roman Britain, Britain from the end of Roman rule in 410 AD to the arrival of St. Augustine in 597.
* Great Britain in the Middle Ages, Britain from the end of Roman rule in 410 AD until the beginning of Tudor rule in 1485.
* Early Modern Britain, Britain from the Tudor period, beginning in 1485, until the merger of the Kingdoms of England and Scotland with the Acts of Union in 1707.
* Kingdom of Great Britain, a sovereign state from 1707 to 1800
* United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, a sovereign state from 1801 to 1927

* Calvin Britain 1800-1862, American politician from Michigan
* Kristen Britain, novelist from New York state

* Captain Britain, Marvel Comics superhero
* W. Britain, toy soldier company

ee also

* Britain (name) for the etymology of the word
* Terminology of the British Isles, discusses the sometimes ambiguous or contentious names for parts of the island group

* British (disambiguation) adjective meaning from/of Britain; and derived senses
* British Isles, the island group Britain is part of
* Britannia (disambiguation), a personification of Britain; and derived senses
* Brittany (disambiguation), a region of France settled by Brythons; and derived senses
* Great Britain (disambiguation)
* New Britain (disambiguation)

imilar spellings

* Brittain, a more common spelling for the surname
* Britten (disambiguation)
* Briton, meaning a British person
* Brython, pre-Roman inhabitant of Great Britain

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