Philippe de Rémi (died 1296)

Philippe de Rémi (died 1296)

Philippe de Rémi or Philippe de Beaumanoir (c.1247–1296), contemporarily "Phelippes de Beaumanoir", was a French jurist and royal official. He was a junior son of Philippe de Rémi (d. 1265), poet and bailli of the Gâtinais, who was renowned for his 20,000 verses of poems including "La Manekine", "Jehan et Blonde" and a "salut d'amour".

After studies of law in Orléans and perhaps Bologna, de Rémi became bailli of Clermont in the county of Beauvaisis (1279), then seneschal of Poitou (1284) and the Saintonge (1287). Afterwards, he came to hold some of the most senior administrative offices in the realm: bailli of the Vermandois (1289), the Touraine (1291) and Senlis (1292).

His administrative experience formed the basis of his principal work, the "Coustumes de Beauvoisis" of 1283, which was first printed in 1690. Even though barely noticed in its own time, it was later regarded as one of the best works bearing on old French customary law, and was frequently referred to with high admiration by Montesquieu, who called him "la lumière de son temps" ("the light of his times").


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