Pacific International University

Pacific International University

Pacific International University was an unaccredited, conservative, Christian university and seminary located in Springfield, Missouri. 1989 alumnus of Pacific International University Carl Baugh was the university president.cite news | url= | title=Distance learning| publisher=Pacific International University |date= January 2006 | first= | last= | accessdate =2007-05-17] The school has been referred to as a diploma mill. [ George Brown. [ Protecting Australia's Higher Education System] from Australian Universities Quality Agency] [ A Matter of Degree-Carl Baugh's Alleged Credentials] from (Originally published in NCSE Reports Vol 9, No. 6, Nov-Dec. 1989.)] unaccredited-Christian|Pacific International University


The school was founded in 1980 as Pacific College of Graduate Studies by Clifford Wilson and incorporated in 1987 as Pacific International University. It is also sometimes known as Pacific College Incorporated.

The school offers only correspondence education, so has no campus. It offers distance learning courses in biblical theology, ministry, cults, and many related subjects. It is unknown what credentials the professors have in these fields. The school offers B.D., B.Th., M.Div., M.Th., and doctoral degrees in Divinity and Theology; as an unaccredited school these have no official academic standing.

Criticism and controversy

The university had no accreditation and offered doctorates for a lump sum payment.cite news | url= | title=Fees | publisher=Pacific International University |date= May 2006 | first= | last= | accessdate =2007-06-17] The fees ranged up to 2,500-3,000 USD for a Doctor of Theological Studies degree. The school has an "administrative office," but no campus, so no classes are held on site.cite news | url= | title=Contact Information | publisher=Pacific International University |date= January 2006 | first= | last= | accessdate =2007-06-17] There are no minimum educational requirements to apply other than two references, one academic and one church related.cite news | url= | title=Application | publisher=Pacific International University |date= March 2006 | first= | last= | accessdate =2007-06-17] Nonetheless, the university noted it "is in good standing with the American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions, Inc. (North Carolina) and is also a member of the Association of Christian Colleges and Theological Schools (Louisiana)," but for legal reasons makes it known "these memberships do NOT constitute accreditation by the U.S. Office of Education."cite news | url= | title=Credentials and recognition | publisher=Pacific International University |date= January 2006 | first= | last= | accessdate =2007-06-17] In the United States without recognition from the United States Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation to approve the accreditation agency such accreditations are "bogus" to the academic community. [ [ Fact Sheet for Diploma Mills] from Council for Higher Education Accreditation.]

While the school does not offer physical classes, only correspondence education, the web site lists faculty, but does not mention where the staff received their doctorates, what subjects they specialize in, and whether they are associate professors or have full professorships. Moreover, Baugh received a Ph.D. from Pacific International University in the Fall of 1989.


*Carl Baugh(1989) - Current school president.
*John Blanchard - Doctor of Divinity (2001) []

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