Transport in Oradea

Transport in Oradea

Public transport in Oradea (a city in Bihor County, Romania) is run by Regia Autonomă "Oradea Transport Local", commonly known as OTL, which is owned by the Municipality of Oradea. The network, although being fairly small for a city the size of Oradea, is somewhat efficient, and is made up of tram and bus lines.


There are three tram lines in Oradea, and these run together for most of their journey. The lines are 1, 2 and 3. Lines 1 and 3 run together in a city loop, while Line 2 joins part of this loop in part of its journey. All quarters except Vie are served by trams. Trams do not actually run in the city centre, since this is a beautiful Baroque area with narrow streets. They do, however, run on the border of the city in a loop, and then continue through to all the residential areas and quarters.

* Tram 1 (1 red, 1R [Roşu] , and 1 black, 1N [Negru] (completes the circuit the other way around)) runs from Sinteza Factory, which is located in the industrial west of Oradea, very close to the township of Borş and the Hungarian border, via the quarter of Rogerius, the central railway station, the city centre and then loops back to Rogerius.

* Tram 2 runs from Ioşia quarter via the southern city centre and the heart of the city (Unirii Square) to Cantemir quarter and then Nufărul. This is probably the most important route.

* Tram 3 (3 red, 3R [Roşu] , and 3 black, 3N [Negru] ) (completes the circuit the other way around)) runs from Nufărul and then does the city loop from the Civic Centre onwards, terminating back at the Civic Centre near the main market.

Line 3 was called Line 4 before 2004, and there was no route named Line 3. However, in order to make the line order more logical, Line 4 was renamed Line 3 in 2004.

In 2008 and 2009 10 new Siemens ULF trams will be introduced to the Oradea tram system. The first Siemens tram was put in circulation in April 2008.


OTL runs the following bus routes in Oradea:

*Bus 10: Piaţa Devei - City Centre - Gara de Est
*Bus 11: Gara Centrală - Brick Factory - Gara Episcopia
*Bus 12: Nufărul - City Centre
*Bus 13: Arinului - County Hospital - Neurological Hospital - Vie East - Dacia Continental Hotel - City Centre
*Bus 14: UAMT - Pod - City Centre - University - City Cemetery
*Bus 15: Podgoria - Ştrand (Aquatic Centre) - Dacia-Continental Hotel - City Centre
*Bus 16: Electrometal - Clujului - Maternity - City Centre
*Bus 17: IMC - Sugar Factory - Museum - Dacia-Continental Hotel - City Centre
*Bus 18: Gara Centrală - Oncea - Bihorului

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