Excalibur (wrestler)

Excalibur (wrestler)

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Excalibur is an American professional wrestler from Southern California. He is one of the six founders of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and is also the company's lead Play-by-play commentator.


Excalibur is one of the six owners of Southern California promotion Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, collectively known as the "PWG Six". On PWG's first show, he defeated Chris Bosh. In PWG, Excalibur became a member of the stable SBS. with Super Dragon and Disco Machine. With Super Dragon, Excalibur won the PWG Tag Team titles from Quicksilver and Chris Bosh. They became the first team to successfully defend the titles, and eventually lost them to Joey Ryan and Scott Lost.

At the show "All Nude Revue", someone dressed as Super Dragon attacked the real Super Dragon after a match. It was revealed that Excalibur was the mastermind of the attacks on Super Dragon and that Kevin Steen was the attacker. Excalibur and Disco Machine kicked Super Dragon out of SBS. and teamed up with Steen to become the New SBS.. Ronin began teaming with the New SBS., but is not an official member.

Excalibur has also wrestled for many other promotions. In Combat Zone Wrestling, he began wrestling mostly tag team matches with Super Dragon as his partner, but then joined Beef Wellington and formed Team Masturbation. Also in CZW, Excalibur had a short feud with Larry Sweeney. At "Cage of Death 7", they had an Inter"promo"tional Match which featured back and forth promos between both wrestlers before the actual match. In Ring of Honor, he wrestled Super Dragon at the "Do or Die" 2004 show. He also wrestles for CHIKARA. He is now the Commissioner of Food & Beverage in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

In wrestling

*Finishing and signature moves
**Double underhook piledriver
**"Galactica Phantom" (Pumphandle suplex)
**Heart punch
**German suplex, sometimes from the top rope
**Over the shoulder belly to back piledriver
**Seated chinlock

*Theme music
**"Surprise! You're Dead!" by Faith No More

Championships and accomplishments

*Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
**PWG Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Super Dragon

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* [http://www.prowrestlingguerrilla.com Pro Wrestling Guerrilla official website]
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