Vanity (disambiguation)

Vanity (disambiguation)

Vanity is excessive self-regard and overblown pride.

Vanity may also refer to:

*Vanity (performer), the stage name of singer/actress Denise Matthews
*Vanity 6, a former musical group
*Vanity (comics), a fictional city in the DC Comics universe
*Vanity press, a publishing company that publishes any work, provided the author fronts the cost themselves
*Vanity Fair (disambiguation), works known as "Vanity Fair"
*"Vanity Fair", an 1848 satire novel
*"Vanity Fair" (magazine), an American culture and fashion magazine
*"Vanity," a popular song by Jack Manus, Guy Wood, and Bernard Bierman
*"Vanity of Vanities", a 2006 novel.
*"Vanity of vanities, all is vanity." is one of the possible translations of Ecclesiastes, 1:2.
*Vanity unit of a bathroom
*Another term for a dressing table (complete with stage mirror)

ee also

* Vain (disambiguation)
* Vanitas (Latin for "vanity"), a type of still life
* Pride
* Vaniity, a transsexual pornographic actor

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