Left Bank

Left Bank

In general usage, the left bank of a river is the side to one's left while facing downstream.

As a name, Left Bank may refer to:

*Rive Gauche, the left bank of the Seine in Paris; "gauche" means "left" in French
*Left Bank (Biscay), the left bank of the Nervión in Biscay, Spain
*Left Bank Cinema, an offshoot of the French New Wave
*Left Bank (Kiev), the left bank of the Dnieper in Kiev
*Left-bank Ukraine, a historical region in Ukraine
*Left Bank (Philadelphia), a river bank in Philadelphia which anomalously is situated on the left facing upstreamfact|date=July 2007
*Left Bank (Rhine), the western side of the river Rhine, a region historically contested between France and Germany.
*The Left Banke, a 1960s American pop group
*Rive Gauche Nightclub, a Parisian-themed nightclub in the River West District of Chicago
*A section of Bordeaux along the Gironde river known as the Médoc

ee also

*Right Bank
*South Bank (disambiguation)
*West Bank (disambiguation)
*East Bank (disambiguation)

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