Sail (disambiguation)

Sail (disambiguation)

A Sail is a piece of fabric used to catch the wind and propel a boat, kite, hang glider, land sailing devices, snow or ice sailig devices, windsurfing devices, sailed windmills. Sail or SAIL may also refer to:

Derived from the traditional meaning of Sail:
* Windmill sail the device that provides power to a windmill
* Sail (submarine), the tower-like structure on the topside of submarines.
* (Palaeozoology) A structure consisting of an elongation of the dorsal vertebrae joined by skin to give a sail-like appearance, as exemplified by several of the Pelycosauria (i.e. "Dimetrodon") and some of the Dinosauria (several of the Spinosauridae, "Ouranosaurus", possibly "Rebbachisaurus")

Sailing Events:
* SAIL Amsterdam, a tallship event held every five years in the Netherlands
* Sail Bremerhaven, also a big maritime event

* Steel Authority of India Limited, India's largest steel maker
* Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
** SAIL programming language, created at Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
* Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory

* Sail, Pekanbaru, a subdistrict of Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia
* SAIL High School, a public high school in Tallahassee, Florida
* Sail (Lake District), a hill in the English Lake District

* Sail (letter), a letter of the Ogham alphabet
* "Sail" (novel), a 2008 mystery novel by James Patterson

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