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CCN TV6 is the largest private television broadcaster in Trinidad and Tobago. The station operates an analog composite NTSC 525 television system, broadcasting on channels 6 and 18 in the island of Trinidad, and channel 19 in Tobago. The station's studios are located at Independence Square in downtown Port of Spain.


CCN-TV6 began broadcasting on September 15, 1991 with viewing hours from 6:00 to 10:00p.m. daily. Prior to that date, audience choices were limited as the Government owned Trinidad and Tobago Television was the only choice. TV6 became the first independently operated television station in the English-speaking Caribbean, broadcasting to over 80% of Trinidad and Tobago’s population. Once TV6 was launched, the television monopoly was broken with the opening of the market.

TV6 has been the home of several veteran broadcasters in Trinidad and Tobago over the years, including Shelly Dass, Francesca Hawkins, Dominic Kalipersad, Elizabeth Solomon, Desmond Brown and Roger Sant.

Corporate information

The station was launched by Caribbean Communications Network, owners of the "Trinidad Express", in 1991. By the first half of 2002, TV6 started to solidify its online integration with the flaghship Trinidad Express website, CCN TV6 began including much of its nightly newscast online, for customers to access as news-on-demand on the Trinidad Express website. In 2005, CCN merged with the Barbados Nation to form a new company One Caribbean Media Ltd. The Chief Executive officer of OCM is Craig Reynald.


The station is the top rated broadcaster in Trinidad and Tobago and its primetime lineup consists mainly of popular US television dramas such as "Monk", "Desperate Housewives" and "". The station also airs several urban US comedies such as "The Bernie Mac Show" and "My Wife and Kids".

Daytime soap-operas such as "The Bold And The Beautiful" and "One Life to Live" make TV6 a popular choice among female viewers.

TV6 also runs local and regional drama seris such as "Westwood Park" and the Jamaican series "Royal Palm Estate".

The station also has a longstanding commitment to sport programming, and is the official broadcaster of the 2006 FIFA World Cup in which the Trinidad and Tobago national football team has qualified.

TV6 also broadcasts the Miss Universe pageant every year through NBC.


The TV6 News runs a full hour from 7.00pm. The station also runs two half-hour newscasts at 12.00noon, 10.00pm. The morning current affairs programme "Morning Edition" features interviews with top newsmakers in Trinidad and Tobago.

TV6 News is headed by veteran journalist Dominic Kalipersad(Group Head of News) as well as Sharon Hamilton and Carlisle Hinkson(Executive Producers) and Alicia Lawrence(Assignments Editor).

The station also airs hourly Weather Updates throughout the morning, as well as News Updates at 5.00pm, 6.00pm, 6.30pm and 9.00pm.

The flagship 7.00pm broadcast has been ahead in ratings since 1997, making it one of the most watched programmes in Trinidad & Tobago and is also the leader in bringing breaking news from around the country. It is currently anchored by Samantha John, Dominic Kalipersad and Diane Baldeo (who both usually fill in for her when she is not available).During the election season in 2007, The TV6 News ran for a full hour and a half with the exciting new half hour special entitled The TV6 News Extra anchored by former WIN TV news anchor Bobbi Jeffrey Hicks.

Anchors and presenters

Former anchors and presenters:
* 1991-1993 - Nigel Augustus, Francesca Hawkins and Ira Mathur
* 1993-1995 - Dominic Kalipersad and Francesca Hawkins
* 1995-1997 - Francesca Hawkins
* 1997-1998 - Vaughn Salandy
* 1998-2003 - Carla Foderingham and Roger Sant
* 2003-2005 - Nathalie Williams, Colleen Holder and Roger Sant
* 2005-2006 - Colleen Holder, Desmond Brown, Roger Sant and Shelly Dass
* 2006-2007 - Colleen Holder and Samantha John
* 2007-2008 - Samantha John and Cherise D'AbadieCurrent anchors and presenters:
* Samantha John - The TV6 News and The TV6 News @ 10
* Dominic Kalipersad - The TV6 News
* Diane Baldeo - The TV6 Weekend News
* Keisha David - The Morning Edition News
* Patrice Manradge - The Morning Edition News
* Visham Ramsaywack - The Morning Edition News
* Fabien Pierre - News @ Noon on 6!
* Gerard Lampow - News @ Noon on 6!
* Damian Salandy - TV6 Weather
* Sharon Hamilton - The Morning Edition News
* Leeron Brummel - The Morning Edition News
* Joel Villafana - TV6 Sport
* Rochelle Johnson - TV6 Sport

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