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TMF Nederland

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launch = May 1, 1995
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owner = MTV Networks Europe
slogan = "Maak 't mee op TMF"
("Experience it on TMF")
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broadcast area = Netherlands
headquarters = Bussum
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TMF is a Dutch television channel televising mainly pop music video clips, broadcasting from Bussum. Due to its logo and its former usage of the name, it is often called "TMF9". TMF is an abbreviation of The Music Factory.


TMF was launched on May 1, 1995 by Lex Harding. It was the first Dutch music station, although MTV Europe was generally available. In its early days, availability of TMF was rare, but the viewer figures flourished as time passed by.

The nascent channel featured Sylvana Simons, Bridget Maasland, Isabelle Brinkman, Fabienne de Vries, Ruud de Wild, Michael Pilarczyk, Wessel van Diepen and Erik de Zwart as its veejays. Further down the road, the team was changed to add Tooske Breugem, Daphne Bunskoek and Mental Theo. Currently, another new team of VJs works for TMF, including Miljuschka Witzenhausen and Nikkie Plessen.

Within several years its viewer figures had actually surpassed MTV's. In 2002 MTV acquired TMF. Currently, TMF is an interactive music station that seeks to use their VJs as little as possible. Most VJs now present programmes on the Dutch-language MTV. In 2004 and 2005, however, several programmes that had been moved to MTV were returned to TMF Nederland, including the show "Mental Theo on the Road" and "Top 40".

TMF is so successful that spin-offs have been created in Belgium and the United Kingdom. It has organised the TMF Awards since 1996. In 2005, three digital channels were launched, TMF Party (mostly Techno, Trance and House music), TMF NL (Dutch Folk and Pop music) and TMF Pure (mostly R&B and Soul music).

List of TMF's videojockeys

* Bridget Maasland (1995-2000)
* Erik de Zwart (1995-2002)
* Fabienne de Vries (1995-2000)
* Isabelle Brinkman (1995-1998)
* Michael Pilarczyk (1995-1996)
* Ruud de Wild (1995-1998)
* Sylvana Simons (1995-1999)
* Wessel van Diepen (1995-1998)
* Jeroen Post (1996-2005)
* Tooske Breugem (1998-2002)
* Daphne Bunskoek (1998-2002)
* Jeroen Nieuwenhuizen (1998-2002, 2003-2007)
* Mental Theo (1999-2002, 2003-2005)
* Sonja Silva (1999-2001)
* Renee Vervoorn (2000-2003)
* Johnny de Mol (2001-2002)
* Seth Kamphuijs (2001-2002)
* Kristina Bozilovic (2001-2002)
* Sylvie Meis (2003-2004)
* Renate Verbaan (2004-2006
* Miljuschka Witzenhausen (2005-2007)
* Valerio Zeno (2005-present)
* Nikkie Plessen (2006-present)
* Saar Koningsberger (2007-present)
* Damien Hope (2007-present)
* Soumia Abalhaja (2007-present)
* Sascha Visser (2008-present)
* Amir Charles (2008-present)

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