Breaking Free

Breaking Free

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Name = Breaking Free

Artist = Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron and Drew Seeley
from Album = High School Musical
Released = September 28 2006
Format = Digital download, CD single
Recorded = 2005
Genre = Pop, piano pop
Length = 3:27
Label = Walt Disney Records
Writer = Jamie Houston
Producer = Jamie Houston
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This single = "Breaking Free" (2006)
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This single = "Breaking Free" (2006)
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This single = "Breaking Free" (2006)
Next single = "We're All in This Together" (2006)

"Breaking Free" is a song from the Disney Channel Original Movie "High School Musical". It also appears on the soundtrack of the same name. It is sung by Drew Seeley (uncredited), [ [ Digital Spy Interview] "To set the record straight, the majority of what is sung in the movie is definitely sung by someone else. His name is Drew Seeley"] Zac Efron, and Vanessa Anne Hudgens. It was also released as a single on September 28 2006. It has been the most successful single from "High School Musical" in the UK, peaking at #9 on the singles chart.

The song is sung during the film's climax when the main characters Troy and Gabriella participate in the callbacks in front of the entire student body.

Track listings

U.S./UK/Irish/Australian single

#"Breaking Free"
#"Start of Something New"
#"Bop to the Top"

Italian single

#"Breaking Free"
#"Start of Something New"
#"Se Provi a Volare" (Performed by Luca Dirisio)

Mexican single

#"Eres Tú" (Performed by Belanova)

panish single

#"Breaking Free"
#"Start of Something New"
#"Breaking Free" (Lover Dub)

Portuguese single

#"Breaking Free"
#"O Que Eu Procurava" (Performed by Ludov)
#"Só Tem Que Tentar"

French single

#"Breaking Free"

German single

#"Breaking Free"
#"Breaking Free" (Instrumental)
#"Breaking Free" (Remix)
#"Breaking Free"

Asian single

#"Breaking Free" (Performed by Vince Chong, Nikki Gil, and Alicia Pan)

Chinese single

#"Breaking Free"


Independent Spanish Version

In addition to Disney's official Latin American Spanish and Iberian Spanish versions ("Sólo Hay Que Intentar" and "No Dejes de Soñar," respectively) and several variants featured in the Latin American reality spinoff High School Musical: La Selección, a fan adaptation entitled "Nos Liberamos" also exists. Performed by two unnamed employees of an Argentine voice actors company headed by Gonzalo Moreno, this unofficial version is intended to preserve more of the song's original meaning than most of the adaptations endorsed by Disney and also to accommodate fuller enunciation of the lyrics (i.e. elisions such as the rendering of the phrase "Sólo Hay Que Intentar" into "soluayquintentar" are avoided).

Music video

The music video for this song was a clip from the movie/musical "High School Musical". It was not released to any video countdowns in the U.S., because it was the climax song of the movie and Disney did not want it to be released. Germany's music video channels took it into the normal music video rotation. However, the remix version's video will be released onto the "High School Musical" Remix Edition DVD.

Cover versions

British pop-duo Same Difference who came third on series 4 of "The X Factor" were due to release a cover version of "Breaking Free" on April 21 2008. However, this was later cancelled as the pair started working with Stock Aitken Waterman and recorded a 21st century version of the Kylie Minogue Japanese hit Turn It Into Love. Although, they have recorded a version of "Breaking Free" which is rumoured to appear on their debut album, released on 24 November 2008.

American rock group The Faded covered a version of "Breaking Free" for the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL GOES PUNK compilation on Skunk-Ape Records. The video for the single is available on YouTube. “The original song is beautiful and sweet – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it,” says vocalist, Gene Blalock, “but I think the message of the song – being yourself and breaking free from others’ expectations and demands – gets lost on a wider audience who only hear this pretty duet. Reworking the song makes the message more accessible.” The Faded’s version replaces the duet, with Blalock doing the primary vocals, and members Micheal Diamond and Freddy Maciel offering backing harmony.


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