Lindsey (disambiguation)

Lindsey (disambiguation)

Lindsey is a name associated with a former kingdom that is nowadays part of north Lincolnshire in England. It is also a frequently-seen English given name for both boys and girls.
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* Lindsey (given name)

Lindsey, Lincolnshire

* The Kingdom of Lindsey was one of the small kingdoms established in Britain by Anglian settlers.
* Lindsey, also known as the Parts of Lindsey was the administrative parts of Lincolnshire which the kingdom became after its absorption into England.
* North Lincolnshire (UK Parliament constituency), also known as Parts of Lindsey
* East Lindsey is an administrative district in Lincolnshire. It was a parliamentary constituency between 1983 and 1997.
* West Lindsey is an administrative district in Lincolnshire.

* The Earl of Lindsey.
* Robert Bertie, 1st Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven, 1st Marquess of Lindsey

Other places

* Lindsey, Ohio, USA
* Lindsey, Suffolk, England
* Lake Lindsey, Florida, USA
* Mount Lindsey, Colorado, USA

Corporate institutions

* Lindsey Hopkins Technical Center, Santa Clara, California
* Lindsey Wilson College, Columbia, Kentucky
* Morgan and Lindsey Incorporated, shopkeepers

People surnamed Lindsey

* Sir David Lyndsay of the Mount, renaissance poet in the court of James V of Scotland
* Ben Lindsey, jurist
* David L. Lindsey, novelist
* Geoff Lindsey, writer
* George Lindsey, American actor
* Hal Lindsey, evangelist
* Jim Lindsey, University of Arkansas trustee
* Lawrence B. Lindsey, economist
* Melvin Lindsey, broadcaster
* Johanna Lindsey, novelist
* Steven W. Lindsey, astronaut
* Theophilus Lindsey, theologian

People with the forename Lindsey

Infobox Given Name Revised
name = Lindsey

pronunciation = Lin-zee
gender = Unisex
meaning = Linden trees by the brook
region = Lincolnshire
origin =
related names = Lindsay
footnotes = [ [ Lindsey-Meaning and origin of the name Lindsey] ]

* Lindsey Buckingham, guitarist
* Lindsey Cardinale, singer
* Lindsey Davis, novelist
* Lindsey German, politician
* Lindsey Graham, politician
* Lindsey Hilsum, news reporter
* Spessard Lindsey Holland, politician
* Lindsey Hugh Holliman, politician
* Lindsey Hughes, historian
* Lindsey Hunter, basketball player
* Lindsey Jacobellis, American snowboarder
* Lindsey Nelson, broadcaster
* Lindsey Shaw, American actress
* Jay Lindsey Tibbs, baseball player
* Lindsey Vonn, alpine skier
* Lindsey Vuolo, photographer's model

Fictional characters named Lindsey

* Lindsey McDonald, a character on "Angel"
* Lindsey Naegle, a minor character on "The Simpsons"
* Dr. Lindsey Novak, a character on "Stargate SG-1"


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* Lindsay

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